Revealed: A step-by-step system for putting together a stress free,
interesting wardrobe you can’t wait to wear that fills you with the confidence
and credibility that will make you unstoppable…even if you dislike shopping
and don’t feel like you have a stylish bone in your body!

Dear Professional Woman,

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You don’t have any idea what kinds of clothes look good on your body shape or for your personal style, and you don’t want to waste a ton of money. (And you definitely don’t trust the salesperson’s opinion!)
  • You settle and end up with clothes that often end up just hanging in your closet unworn.
  • You consider yourself a bad shopper…and you feel like you’re just not stylish like other women who like to shop.
  • You have a few outfits you kind of like, but they’re feeling tired, and worn out (and sometimes a bit frumpy.)
  • You take a couple of things into the fitting room that usually don’t work out; you start to feel bad about yourself (and body), and you leave the store in frustration…empty handed.

And as a result, your wardrobe suffers!

You either have a closet full of clothes, but no outfits, or you’ve avoided shopping for so long, you don’t have anything to wear that fits, is current or is in good enough shape to wear out.

Every morning you go through the same thing—You open your closet, you stare at it for a few minutes wondering what in the world you’ll wear that you haven’t worn a (seemingly) million times already.

And more than anything, you’re BORED with your wardrobe!

And this brings a high emotional cost, playing on your psyche—stressing you out every morning
when you get dressed! And you may arrive late for work, consumed by
feeling like your outfit isn’t stylish, polished or interesting.

You have self-doubt, and you’re not as confident as you could be!

Instead, imagine what it would be like to be able to open your closet, knowing whatever you choose fits, reflects who you are and how you want to feel. You have a lot of variety and can create outfits and get dressed with ease.

You’ve got some extra time on your hands! How will you spend it? Maybe a second cup of coffee? Going into Starbuck’s to relax with your drink and peruse the news or your Facebook feed? Or maybe you’ll get to the office early and start your day fresh knowing you look as great as you feel!

And what could you accomplish without all of the worry, stress and self-doubt that comes with a tired, uncoordinated, outdated or boring wardrobe?

I first started working with Dana when I was re-entering the workforce after being at home with my kids for 14 years. It was perfect timing—I knew it was time to revamp both my professional and personal wardrobe. On my own, I just wasn’t sure where to start because my wardrobe had become so casual and putting together outfits was hard. I’d also become rather apathetic about shopping, not one of my favorite activities to start with.

I learned how my clothes should fit; what to wear to flatter my body type; and what kinds of clothes to buy for my personal style. Dana also taught me how to combine my clothes to make lots of outfits. I don’t need as many clothes now as I used to and am having fun adding new pieces and staying updated.

It’s great knowing I have so many choices for all the varied parts of my life. Best of all, I know I look fantastic no matter what I’m doing!

Now I have the confidence to meet and present my business to potential clients. My business has soared beyond my expectations. I’ve become a true role model in my company and love that I’m able to lead and inspire other women!Lauren Kaplan

Rodan and Fields Dermatologists

Now here’s the real question…

Do you want to stop struggling with the boredom in your wardrobe? Do you want this fall to finally be the season you have an easy, versatile wardrobe that makes you look and feel stylish, polished and confident every day?

You may think that stylish women are just born knowing how to put together a great wardrobe full of clothes that always look amazing. But the truth is these things can be LEARNED!

Understanding a few objective principles of design; your personal style and
wardrobe needs; and how to shop strategically and efficiently is the answer!

Why is learning to create this kind of wardrobe so important?

  • You’ll be able to match how you look on the outside with who you are on the inside and tell the world how accomplished and successful you are all without having to say a word.
  • You’re already successful and confident, but you’ll have even more confidence when you feel great and know you look the same.
  • You’ll lower your stress, stop worrying, and free up that brain space for what’s most important to you.
  • You’ll project more credibility and authority, gaining the respect and influence you desire.
  • You’ll attract the kind of clients and attention you want.
  • You’ll be a good role model for your children and others in your life.
  • You’ll be taken seriously and will be able to command more money.

But here’s the problem:

  • Most women are confused about the kind of clothes they need for an easy, effective wardrobe and most of the examples of clothes we see in the media, aren’t things professional women wear in real life. There are some vital pieces to the puzzle you need to know to create an interesting, efficient, and cost effective wardrobe that works for you!
  • Most women believe that they should innately know how to put stylish outfits together and are embarrassed to admit they need a little help. They continue their wardrobe struggles silently. No one automatically knows how to do this! Unless you had an interest and a parent who taught you how to coordinate clothes, how would you know? And trust me, my mom taught me tons, and I’ve still made mistakes, but I had an interest and learned how to minimize them!
  • Fashion magazines are designed to sell clothes! If you even have the time or interest to look at them, they’re confusing! While there may be some how-to articles, they don’t teach you everything you need to know, but with my step-by-step instructions, templates, photo examples case studies, and personal coaching, you can truly learn to create a look and wardrobe you love!

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you my brand new training course
where you can learn everything you need to know to stop struggling
and finally start dressing like the amazing woman you are!

This all-new info packed training is unprecedented in that I’m going to give you every single step you need for putting together a closet of clothes you’re excited to wear. You’ll get photos for inspiration and demonstration.

And I’ve designed it with women like you in mind: busy, successful, professionals who are ready to finally learn how to stop struggling with your wardrobes and look and feel as polished, confident and credible as you can be every day!

Even if you don’t feel like you have a stylish bone in your body…

I’ll be personally delivering this program through high energy, live teleclasses with handouts and photos for you to follow along with! Because having an experience and “doing” is the key to true transformation and learning, you’ll be following and doing activities, and there will be plenty of class interaction and access to me.

Don’t worry! If you can’t make the classes live, you’ll receive the recording in plenty of time before the next class, so you’ll be able to keep up and still experience the class energy.

Dana has cured my shopping blues…

I always felt I was missing the “girl gene” for shopping and picking clothes. Dana has taught me so much in such a short time. Her approach to learning about me and my style was fun and got us to my desired look quickly. I get to look more professional while keeping my laid-back style. It was also a huge relief to have her help me cull my closet. I used to dread looking in there, but now it is a treat… junk is gone, and I have all sorts of great options from which to choose. I believe “Dr. Dana” has cured my fear of shopping. I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to go forward and shop with Jo Mattoonconfidence. I can highly recommend putting Dana on the job. Thanks, Dana!”

Coach and Consultant

Here are some of the results you can expect when
you “play full out” with what you learn:

  1. Shopping will be less time consuming and much easier, and you’ll come home with clothes you can’t wait to wear!
  2. You’ll save money even when you skip the sale racks!
  3. You’ll finally be able to stop blaming your body when clothes don’t fit; choose for your body type; stop hiding in your clothing, and dress exactly the way you’ve always wanted to!
  4. Getting dressed will be a snap, and you’ll know you look good all without any stress!
  5. You’ll feel polished and put together and comfortable…in your clothes and in your own skin!
  6. Your personal style and essence will radiate whether you’re dressing for business, casual or formal events.
  7. Your wardrobe will be a simple, cohesive unit with enough variety for every activity in your calendar.
  8. You’ll stop limiting yourself and look fabulous at any age.
  9. You’ll be able to create exciting, stylish, new outfits in your closet any time you want!
  10. Your confidence will be through the roof!

…And did I mention compliments?

Go ahead, I dare you to tell me you don’t like compliments!

When you claim your space in Kick Boredom Out of Your Closet, and Be Stylish, Polished and Confident Every Day,
you’ll be taking the first step toward having a wardrobe that fits, flatters, has flexibility;
is age appropriate and makes you excited to get dressed!

You’ll never be bored
with your wardrobe again!

Sounds great, I want in!


Working with Dana was an invigorating and super fun experience! Dana works with you in such a way that you also develop your own style profile, which is incredibly helpful when you’re out and about wondering whether or not to buy something; if you think it fits into the profile you created with Dana, great! If not, you save lots of time and lost money!

After we shopped, we created almost 30 new outfits, complete with shoes and jewelry! We had such a blast, and I was very impressed with her creativity with putting the pieces together. Thanks, Dana, for taking the stress out Ruth Brandof my shopping and putting the fun back into being a girl!

Opera Singer

Here’s a complete rundown of what we’ll cover

Module 1: Creating Your Personal Style Recipe —

The blueprint for your “non-boring” wardrobe!

In this session, we’ll do the exact exercises and activities I do with my private clients, digging deep into your personal style. You’ll craft your personal style recipe that will allow you to EASILY edit your closet (which you’ll do later in the class;) confidently coordinate outfits; and shop without overwhelm.

If you’ve ever taken the Cosmo-style quiz, be assured these techniques are nothing like it! Your style recipe is completely personal and will have endless possibilities.

Your style recipe will also allow you to:

  • Stop wasting money on styles that just aren’t you…you’ll want to wear everything in your closet!
  • Get your sense of self back and feel more like you than ever
  • Dress with a consistent, distinctive look that invites others to get to know you
  • Match your outside look with your insides, reflecting your personality and authenticity
  • Simplify your wardrobe to a more manageable size
  • Quickly make decisions and reduce overwhelm in your closet and stores
  • Create looks you’re not bored with!

We’ll also review your lifestyle, so you’ll be able to plan to have the right things to wear for all of the occasions and events in your life. Gone will be the days of last minute panicked shopping trips!

Through my guidance and plenty of photographic examples,
you’ll learn what your style “ingredients” look like.

Module 2: Dressing for Your Body Type —

How to look fabulous no matter
your shape or size you wear

Dressing for your body type and shape can be the most confusing aspect of getting dressed, but it doesn’t have to be! It boils down to emphasizing some parts of your body and de-emphasizing (notice I didn’t say “hiding”) others!

I’ll give you an easy, exact way to determine and understand your primary body type/shape. And then because many of us have a secondary type, you’ll discover what it is so that when you gain or lose weight, you’ll always know how to flatter yourself! Note: whether you wear petites, plus, missy or tall, you have a specific body type and can look fantastic!

During this module, you’ll learn:

  • The objective elements and principles of design, so you can truly understand why you look good in some garments and why you’re not as flattered by others. In other words, YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD!
  • The secrets to never having to ask or wonder “does this make me look fat” again!
  • Where to wear colors on your body to flatter your shape (Hint, it’s not just black!)
  • The kinds and sizes of patterns/prints to wear and which to avoid
  • To highlight or camouflage any figure variations you might have (Yes, everyone has them!)
  • What pieces of jewelry and accessories flatter your figure and size
  • Which textures to wear to look your best
  • How your clothes should fit and exactly how long your pants should be
  • And of course, we’ll cover the styles of clothes you can wear to best flatter your shape, and of course, how to break the rules if there’s a style you really want to wear that’s not in your guidelines!

What you’ll realize is that your choices will become so much broader! By knowing all of the styles that flatter you, you can STOP making safe, boring choices and start picking EXCITING, DYNAMIC styles you can’t wait to  wear!

Lastly, we’ll cover the mindsets for feeling beautiful and sexy and believing it! (It may not be overnight, but with the tools you’ll learn, transformation is possible!)

You can count on my guidance! And be assured that the photos won’t just be of skinny models with one body type trying to demonstrate concepts for all bodies!

Module 3: Dressing “age appropriate”

It seems like almost every day, a new list crops up, such as “10 pieces never to wear after 40” restricting what we think we should and shouldn’t wear. Who’s trying to kick women over 40 out of the “stylish club” and push us toward “frumpy-ville”? There are some guidelines to follow, but I simply don’t believe in all of these “don’ts”!

And if you are younger, you’re also wondering what to wear, so no one mistakes you for a college intern in your office…or one of your mother’s friends!

No matter what age you are, if you’re uncertain what to wear to be age appropriate, you may be erring on the side of overly safe, i.e. boring clothes!

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to wear any trend you want and make it feel and look just right.
  • The #1 frumpy garment that you should avoid at any age.
  • What to wear to look more sophisticated and experienced at your job.
  • How not to look like a mom…even if you are one!
  • The best stores for stylish looks whether you’re 26 or 66. And which stores to avoid!
  • What makes a comfortable shoe look matronly and what makes a comfortable shoe stylish. And how to look stylish if the orthopedic shoe is all you can wear.
  • The biggest “age appropriate” offenders that may be living in your closet and what to do about them!

My number one goal for this module is to expand your style choices instead of limiting them, so you’ll be empowered you to seek out fresh, exciting looks and be confident they’re right for your goals!

I learned so much working with Dana. She really helped me understand my goals for creating my personal style. We were able to create great outfits with pieces I already had in my closet, pairing items I would never have thought to put together. I also learned why various shapes and cuts do and don’t work for me.

She gave me wonderful guidelines (there are no rules!) to help me continue to develop my own personal style. I get so many compliments now on my wardrobe, and my friends and family love shopping with me Dara Deanbecause I share all the knowledge I gained from Dana. Investing in me, working with Dana, is the best thing I have done in a long time.


Module 4: Creating new outfits in your closet —

Accessorizing, creating color schemes, pattern mixing, and more!

In this session, you’ll learn all the ways you can to create new, interesting outfits in your closet any time you want! If you don’t feel like you’ve got the clothes already to mix and match with these techniques, you’ll be able to use them to shop, and get started putting interesting, mix and match outfits together in the stores.

I’ll be breaking all of this down into the objective, fundamentals, so you can really understand what you only thought was for the fashion elite! You’ll be able to pick and choose the techniques you like to make you feel like you…and not bored in your closet!

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How to pull together new color schemes to stretch the clothes you’ve got into exciting, fresh outfits. You’ll be amazed at the seemingly endless combinations you’ll be able to make
  • What to do to make monochromatic color schemes more interesting
  • How to spice up any simple outfit to make it spectacular
  • How to combine patterns without looking like a clown
  • An easy way to use accessories to enhance your look and create completely “new” outfits
  • How to choose the perfect shoe for your outfit every time
  • Copycatting…what it is, and why it is perfectly fine to look to others for your style inspiration. The “plagiarism police” doesn’t exist in fashion!
  • A Simple formula for getting dressed with more ease and much less stress.

You will understand and be able to use a full stable of techniques to create fresh, interesting looks any time you want!

Module 5: Shop like a Pro

Planning and shopping for a wardrobe that fits, flatters and fills you with confidence every day.

Shopping doesn’t have to be overwhelming! It’s a matter of planning for your trips; focusing; getting out of your own way; and knowing where, when and how to shop that transform shopping from being a dreaded chore into a manageable task. Who knows, you may even start to enjoy shopping!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in this module:

  • The #1 way to shop that will improve your wardrobe immediately!
  • The crucial ingredients that ensure you always have the right thing to wear no matter what your occasion.
  • What you must do before shopping to ensure success.
  • How to create a plan for your shopping trips, so you’ll know exactly what you need and where to go to make your shopping trips efficient and successful!
  • Essential mindsets for a successful shopping trip.
  • How to stop relying on the mannequins for your outfits and easily start creating a mix and match wardrobe right in the stores!
  • Key pieces you need to look and feel exactly like yourself and always have the perfect thing to wear.

Using what you’ve learned in this course, you’ll be able to
plan and put together your ideal wardrobe just in time for fall!
And the best part is, you’ll be able implement these techniques
for any season, over and over whenever you’re ready
to update your wardrobe.

Here’s what all you’ll get in this course:

  • 5 -90 minute live, taught by me, training calls with and additional 30 minutes of Q & A after the content on each call.
  • My exclusive, in-depth “Style Homework” I use with all of my clients.
  • Experiential exercises to complete in between classes, so you’ll be fully immersed in what you’re learning.
  • Handouts, Handouts, Handouts…photos to inspire and support the concepts you’ll learn in class; planning worksheets; checklists and more!
  • E-mail access and support from me during weekly office hours where you’re free to ask any questions, or share any obstacles or victories. I’ll get back to you ASAP!

And, you’ll get recordings of the calls, so you can reference them whenever you want.


Plus, I’ve added some
really cool bonuses!!!

Bonus: Q & A call. On December 2, I’ll be holding a dedicated call where you’ll be able to ask me to anything and share challenges that may be coming up for you or absolutely anything else related to your wardrobe.

Bonus: Image Power e-book including my chapter, How to shop like a pro and Look Like a Million Bucks. “ Image Power is the key ingredient to building confidence, making a great impression and getting what you want every time. More savvy and sophistication are yours with the insider insights of Dana Lynch and 19 other top image experts. With Image Power, you can be your best every day.”

Bonus: Bon Voyage!: A complete guide for travel packing including planning charts, so you’ll be able to pack with ease and never forget a thing!

Bonus: “Closet Cleaning with Ease”: A step-by-step guide to post in your closet for efficiently and effortlessly organizing and editing your closet.

October 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18

**All classes are held at 7 p.m. Mountain Time/ 6 p.m. Pacific**
(Recordings provided for all calls)

Say No More, I’m Convinced!


I highly recommend Dana. I am so pleased with what she has done with my wardrobe. With my small closet, I don’t want a lot of clothes and Dana has maximized my wardrobe that I have at least 30 different outfits for every season without over stuffing my closet. I am able to look my best every day, and her system makes it easy to do that. I believe everyone should experience what Dana has to offer. I could keep goingJanet Medford on about Dana and how much I love what she has done for me but …Professionally this will keep me looking my best and give me that edge that women need to stay on top.


I am feeling much less stressed about getting dressed for work and am really enjoying my new clothes. I’ve gotten lots of compliments! I’ve also had fun mixing and matching my new clothes and accessories!
I very much appreciated Dana helping me try new things and am feeling much more confident in my style at work as a result. It was such an important moment in my professional life, and I couldn’t have picked a better person to take that step with! I’m so pleased that all the things I’ve learned have opened up this whole new world to me! I feel way more sophisticated in my taste.


So are you ready to invest in yourself?

If you could discover the exact steps that give you the confidence you need to land a new higher paying job, command more money from your clients, stop needlessly spending and wasting money on clothes you don’t wear, and enjoy getting dressed without stress each day

What would if be worth to you?

I’m sure that you can tell that the 5-part Kick Boredom Out of Your Closet …and be Stylish, Polished and Confident Every Day training course is worth well over $1000, even without all of the awesome bonuses.

Then when you add in the one-on-one e-mail support and live Q&A at the end of each class, it’s similar to the private work I do with my individual clients, I could easily offer the course for much more, and the value would totally be there.

But I want to make this
the easiest “yes”
you’ll say all year!

That’s why I’m NOT charging $1,000.
Your investment is just $579 when paid in full.

$579 when you pay in full

Sign up now, Pay in full $579

or 3 monthly installments of $197

Sign up now, 3 payments $197


The first 20 to register for Kick Boredom Out of Your Closet …and be Stylish, Polished and Confident Every Day will get my “assessment” of your body shape. Figuring out your body type is the most confusing, yet crucial aspect of knowing how to flatter your figure and choose the very best garments for you!

You’ll have the opportunity to send me photos (I will let you know the specs I’ll need), and I’ll advise you of your body shape and any figure variations you can highlight or camouflage.

$579 when you pay in full

Sign up now, Pay in full $579
 or 3 monthly installments of $197

Sign up now, 3 payments $197

My personal guarantee

I am absolutely 100% committed to your learning in this course and believe in the content I’m delivering in this course. It’s worked for my clients and me over and over. And I’m confident you’re going to love my step-by-step system I’ll share with you!

In fact, I’m so committed to your results that if you have challenges, I’ll give you the extra support you need to help you learn the material. If you’re not 100% happy after playing full-out, doing the assignments and participating in class for the first 2 modules, send me an e-mail before the next class, and I’ll happily refund your investment.

2 Easy Payment Plans

$579 when you pay in full

Sign up now, Pay in full $579
or 3 monthly installments of $197

Sign up now, 3 payments $197


If you have any problems with your registration, please contact me

So are you ready to stop struggling and start dressing like the amazing woman you are?

Would you like to be stylish, polished and filled with confidence every day
so you can be your very best you?

I hope so! I’d be honored to support you in it. Register now, and I’ll see you in class!

Warmest Wardrobe Wishes,

Dana Lynch

P.S. I know you can learn these principles and techniques! And after you do, you’ll be able to use them over and over, season after season. You’ll be able to get dressed easily; be more confident about what you’re wearing, and create even more success in whatever is important to you!

Still have questions? Please feel free to e-mail me,, with any of your questions or concerns about the program. I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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