Image Power

Image Power

The keys to your image are in this book

Image Power is the key ingredient to building confidence, making a great impression and getting what you want every time. More savvy and sophistication are yours with the insider insights of top image experts. With Image Power you can be your best everyday.

My chapter, Shop Like a Pro and Look Like a Million Bucks! offers practical tips that can help you turn what you might consider a dreadful task into a tolerable or even enjoyable one. You’ll also learn how to save money, be more efficient and start building the wardrobe of your dreams!

Other chapters include:

Don’t Get Down, Get Diva! by Catherine Schuller, AICI, CIP

Embrace Your Body Shape to Enhance Your Image by Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIM

Master the Power of Color by Bernie Burson, AICI FLC, CDI

Foundation Pieces: The Secret Behind Every Beautiful Curve by Bianca Stark-Falcone, AICI FLC

Get Out of Your Closet in Seven Minutes–Looking Great! by Leah Oman, AICI CIP

Are You Having a Fit about Fit? by Helena Chenn, AICI CIP

Accessories: The Frosting of Fashion by Marjory DeRoeck, MFA AICI CIP

LOOK as Good As You SEE by Wendy Buchanan, AICI, LO

Makeup Techniques, Tips and Tools by Molly Klipp

Communicate with Class: Tips for the 21st Century by Deborah King

Etiquette Is Not Dead by Marion Gellatly, AICI CIM

Unleash your Career with Business Casual Style by Sarah Hathorne, AICI CIP

Short and Chic by Kimberly Law, AICI CIP

Look Great During and After Weight Loss by Kathy Pendleton, AICI FLC

Camouflage for the Curvaceous! by Sonya Barnes, AICI FLC

Above-Average Style for Full Figured Women by Heather Elrick, AICI CIP

Fifty is the New Forty by Judith Ann Graham, AICI CIP

“From twenty passionate experts come hundreds of insights that will instantly update and enhance your image. Solutions for all image issues are revealed. Comprehensive and for all shapes, sizes and lifestyle situations, you’ll love all the sound and doable advice in Image Power. Two manicured thumbs up.”

-Brenda Kinsel, AICI CIP