Virtual Style Services

  • Are you frustrated because you can never find clothes to fit your body?
  • Do you get dressed in the morning feeling fine in your clothes, but when you look in the mirror at lunchtime, you wonder, “What was I thinking”?
  • You have no idea what looks good on you, and it plays on your psyche and confidence!

It doesn’t have to be like this! Introducing the Dress Your Body Shape Guide! 


Your Dress Your Body Shape Guide will be yours and yours alone! It’s not just a formulaic set of rules.

Your DRESS YOUR BODY SHAPE GUIDE teaches you what to wear based on your unique shape, style, and proportions.

No matter what your body shape, you’ll go from being unsure about what looks good on you to knowing which clothes and styles look great on you. You’ll look taller, slimmer, more comfortable and ultimately more confident!

Shopping will be faster, easier, and more productive--WOO HOO!–because you’ll know which styles to try on and which ones to bypass completely.

Here’s a video showing exactly how it works.


Here’s everything you’ll get:

Your Virtual Body Shape Guide  (PDF) describing your body shape or combination shape showing your best pant, skirts/dresses, tops, jackets and coats. Guidelines & advice for dressing your proportions (i.e. short waisted, long waisted or balanced) and how to put perfect, flattering outfits together based on your body.

  • A 30-minute introductory call to get started. Schedule right here
  • A 60-minute Zoom follow up consultation so you can completely understand your Dress Your Body Shape Guide.
  • 2 30-minute follow up calls within the following 6 months to discuss any questions or concerns that come up once you’ve begun using your Virtual Style Guide.
  • BONUS: Mini Style Edit! As an introductory offer, you’ll also be able to send me 5-10 photos of you in clothes you’re unsure about. I’ll give you my OBJECTIVE feedback about what’s great and what might not be so great.

Wondering how all of this works virtually? (You can also check out this video that explains it all.)

  • First you’ll send me 5-10 photos of yourself. I’ll let you know exactly what I need, along with my Complete Guide to Taking Great Selfies…in case you don’t have someone to take your photos.
  • Next, you’ll complete a brief questionnaire to complete and send back.
  • You’ll receive your Virtual Style Guide via e-mail as a PDF document in 7-10 days (depending upon how many requests I have in my que.) Your guide isn’t computer generated. I’ll personally analyze your photos and answers using my years of training and experience to provide you with all the advice you need.
  • In the e-mail with your Style Guide, I’ll send you the link to my online calendar to schedule your consultation time. During your consultation, we’ll go through your best styles and discuss how to use your guide and also how and where to shop for your body type.


Yes! Let’s get started!

  • Is your wardrobe boring you to tears?
  • Do you feel like you wear the same outfits over and over? And you’re not sure how in style they are anyway?
  • Does online shopping overwhelm you? And you end up with pieces you just don’t know what to do with?

Maybe you’re not ready for an entire wardrobe overhaul, but you’re absolutely ready and need some new outfits for meetings, a presentation, awards dinner, client events or even just hanging out with friends.

Or you’re headed back to the office and need some new comfy, professional clothes to get you back in the game and killin’ it.

Enter…Instant Style!

Instant Style!

Instant style is your PERSONALIZED answer to online shopping.

Just like my in-store shopping, I’ll scour my internet sources to find you the perfect pieces and outfits that make you feel polished, stylish and put together…just like the woman you are!


Here’s everything you get:

  • A 60 minute Zoom call for us to get to know each other, crystalize your personal style recipe and create a shopping list of your wants and needs.
  • 3-5 Complete shoppable OUTFITS!  Outfits that will give you INSTANT STYLE! You’ll get up to 20 pieces, hand-picked by me… that you’ll be able to buy in just one click!
  • Your own client micro-website where you can see your outfits, chat with me and keep track of it all. You’ll have full access to your mico-site forever.  Getting dressed is a breeze when the outfits are right in front your eyes.
  • 5 revisions—your picks aren’t perfect? Just let me know and I’ll swap up to 5 items. (No one has ever needed to do this but hey…it’s an option…for your peace of mind.)
  •  Unboxing Party! Once all the boxes have landed on your doorstep, we’ll  Zoom  (maybe with a glass of wine?) and celebrate your purchases. You’ll try things on; we check the fit, and talk about all the ways you can wear your new outfits.
  • 5 “Do-overs”—Unlike most personal styling services, you’re not left empty handed if there’s anything that’s not perfect! (We’ve all been there…itchy fabric; you don’t love the stitching poking you inside the waistband; the color is way different than the screen showed…)

Get started here