Why would you ever hire a personal stylist?

I can’t tell you the number of times potential clients have said to me, “I’m kind of embarrassed. I should be able to dress myself!”

To that I say “why?” Creating a wardrobe is a SKILL. It’s not innate! It just happened to be a skill I was interested in at a very young age.

Here are a few main reasons people hire a personal stylists and why my clients hire me:

  1. They’re busy, and they absolutely hate shopping!
  2. They’re tired of the time and mental energy it takes to figure out what to wear for work, and instead they want to know exactly what to wear and focus on what matters in their day.
  3. They don’t know what styles look good on them and don’t want to spend more money on mistakes.

(And again…those are just a few reasons. There are many!)

I love helping women feel beautiful and stylish and would love to toot my own horn about the results my clients, but instead…here is what a few women had to say:

Martha Brown testimonial for Dana Lynch

“Putting my outfit together in the morning is no longer a chore, and I don’t second-guess my shoes or accessories. The outfits just work. I look and feel great, and get compliments on how “put-together” I look.”   Samantha L.

“I have worked with Dana for a couple of years, and I now have a closet of clothes that I love and therefore I wear them all!”  Chris S.

“I learned a tremendous amount about clothing, fit and style. After running into several friends and clients, each commented on how nice I looked. One friend said, “You look the best I have ever seen you!” I feel very confident and beautiful.”   Jennifer M.

Okay, here’s one more…

“I have saved money by this entire process by making good choices rather than buying items that were not right for me in both fit and style and then later regretting the purchase.”   Sandy P.

These are just a few testimonials I’ve gotten over the years. Check out my What Clients Are Saying  page to read more and see if any of these fabulous women sound like you.

To sum things up…hiring a personal stylist is just like outsourcing any of the other things you want help with in your life: gardening, interior design or even cleaning your home! And the results can last a lifetime!

There’s no denying it, fall is coming quick! If this is this is the year you’re ready to stop settling and step into your best, stylish self, I can help! Contact me today and let’s talk.

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