What It’s Like to Shop With An Image Consultant

I’m so excited to be out shopping…in stores, again!!! Yesterday was my first client-shopping trip since the covid-19 lockdown.

Originally, I was going to tell you all about it, but then I thought you might be more interested in hearing what shopping with me is like from my client Jo Mattoon. So I decided to interview Jo and here is that interview:

Jo Mattoon

Dana Lynch: Jo, you told me you were extremely nervous before our first shopping trip. Can you tell us why and a bit more about that?

Jo Mattoon: I was so nervous! I remember sitting in my car when I got to the mall—my heart was racing and my palms were all sweaty. Before that day, I hated shopping and was overwhelmed by it. I’d usually walk around the store, and usually go home empty handed. I wondered, “Is this going to work for me?”

DL: Were you surprised at the outcome?

JM: Yes! Being in a fitting room with someone else is a pretty vulnerable, intimate position, but you make me feel comfortable and safe.

I feel like a princess when I shop with you! Seeing everything you’ve picked for me to try on is like opening presents on Christmas morning!

I really love that you know my style and choose things in advance for me so I don’t have to walk around in the store. It’s efficient and makes my life so simple.

Another thing that’s really great is when I try something on and think it’s fine (but don’t necessarily love it,) but it’s not right for me, you explain why. Then I automatically understand and see why it’s bad. It keeps me from buying something that’s not a good fit or just kind of meh.

DL: What have been the benefits of our shopping trips for you?

JM: I’m able to go out into my life, especially my professional life and present how I feel on the inside (through my clothes.) I’m young at heart and the way I’m now able to dress lets me present it outwardly. I feel like I’m expressing my spirit.

DL: Anything else?

JM: I had bad experiences with clothes growing up. This has been a corrective, therapeutic experience.

And, I get lots of great feedback on the clothes you help me find!

I should add that I think my favorite part of the process is actually designing outfits together after we’ve shopped. I feel like I have ‘grown-up Garanimals.” I have lots of options, and you make outfits that blow my mind, outfits I’d never have thought of.

I know if I did all of this on my own, I’d buy clothes I didn’t love as much, and they wouldn’t be as versatile. I’d have a lot of ‘one hit wonders.’

Having all my outfits makes traveling, especially for work trips, really easy. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to take.

DL: How was your first post covid-19 lockdown shopping trip?

JM: I was pleasantly surprised! I felt surprisingly safe with all of the safety measures at the stores and in the malls. The fitting rooms and cash stands were constantly being cleaned. And everyone (including us) was wearing masks.

My husband and I both work from home and haven’t been out much yet, but I felt very safe being out in public. I’d rather go to the mall than fly right now!

DL: Anything else you want to add that you think my blog readers might want to know?

JM: I’ve recently gained some weight, and getting the new clothes with you yesterday has made me feel better mentally.

For every penny I spend on you (your services), it pays for itself. They’re dollars well spent!

You can read more of Jo’s story and result and before/after pictures here. 

If you’re intrigued and want to find out more about how my shopping service would work for you, let’s talk. Schedule a time for your free consultation here. 

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