Updating My Personal Styling Services 2021

It’s no secret that a ton of things have changed over the last year! With all of the shifts in how women dress for work since 2004, my business has definitely evolved. But with the massive changes in the world this last year, I’ve updated my personal styling services like never before.

I’m having a great time styling me clients both in person and virtual so it occurred to me you’d appreciate a run down on exactly how I’m working these days so here are

My Personal Styling Services for 2021

Virtual Services

I’ve added a couple of virtual services under the “Work with Me” tab. If you pop over to this page you’ll see I offer a:

  • Dress Your Body Shape Guide
  • Instant Style

Now you can work with me to take the stress out of getting dressed no matter where you live. Be sure to check it all out here! 

Hybrid Services

Since retailers opened up after the Covid lockdown in 2020, it became quickly evident to me that even though stores look like they have a lot of merchandise, they really don’t.

As a result of such limited offerings, I meet with my in person clients and go through my system all laid out here. 

What’s changed is that we find most of your wardrobe needs online. (We don’t have to always shop online, but as I mentioned, the clothing in stores is limited.) A big benefit of searching for clothes online is that in addition to sizes, I find lots of really interesting clothes and accessories that never make it into the brick and mortar stores! 

When we work together in person, we get together in person to see your closet and usually take 1 physical shopping trip together. After that we (usually) shop online, hence…the term hybrid.

Here’s the most exciting part about shopping virtually with me…you get your own micro website where you get to SEE everything all in one place.

Better yet, I hold your hand and make it as easy as possible for you, choosing the right clothes for your body type, size and personal style. I know all the right online retailers to find clothes to help you create a wardrobe you can’t wait to wear!

So far, there’s a lot of writing on this page…I thought it would be easier if I showed you everything so I made a video showing you all my new exciting stuff. Check it out below!!

Want to learn more? Schedule a time to chat with me here! 

Before You Go…

Before you go..Download The Ultimate #SHOPYOURSHAPE Guide

At Last, a complete resource with all the stores with sizes and proportions to fit your unique shape!

No matter what your body type, in this guide, you'll find more shops and sites than you ever knew existed... that cater to just your size, height and shape!

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