The 5 Hottest Spring 2018 Accessory Trends

Clothes, check! Shoes, check! Colors, check! What are we missing from our spring outfits? Accessories, of course! Here are 5 of the Hottest Spring 2018 Accessory Trends…and baby, there are some great ones!

The 5 Hottest Spring 2018 Accessory Trends

Small Frame Sunglasses

Can you hear me singing a song of joy? Well if you can’t, I bet you can hear my handbags giving a shout out to small frame sunglasses!

Seriously, I have been lugging around huge (prescription) sunglasses for quite a few years now (and it limits my handbag choices since the case is even more gigantic!) I am so excited for small, geometric framed sunglasses!

These geometric shaped beauties are not only convenient, but they have a cool girl, retro vibe, too!

Image Consultant, Dana Lynch, shares the hottest spring 2018 accessory trends

Besides being lighter than monstrous sunnies, these shades flatter most face sizes.

Long Statement Earrings

Another blast from the past, long (and big) statement earrings are back! Earrings have been so sensible for so long. It’s time for some summer fun.

I know you may be saying “But they’re so heavy and gosh, aren’t they a little much?” Before you completely dismiss the long danglers, check they’re weight. Some may surprise you.

Image Consultant, Dana Lynch, shares the hottest spring 2018 accessory trends

And yes, I agree…these statement earrings are a little much, but that’s the beauty of them! You really don’t need much other jewelry, i.e. no necklace required!

Long hair? Statement earrings are best with a low ponytail to showcase them properly. (Bonus on bad hair days!)

Short hair? Go ahead, you can do statement earrings. Style your hair a little edgier than norm, and get ready to be noticed.

Straw Handbags

Okay, so I know straw handbags aren’t exactly new. In fact, they first became popular in the U.S. in the 1950’s; so again…2018 brings us another fun, retro accessory style!

Straw handbags come in just about any shape or size you can imagine, so really it just depends on your handbag preferences and personal style.

Image Consultant, Dana Lynch, shares the hottest spring 2018 accessory trends

And if you lump wicker, basket bags into, your choices are in the gazillions!

My last praise for straw and wicker handbags is that…you guessed it, they’re lightweight! And after a long winter of carrying heavy, leather bags, don’t our arms deserve a break?


Like statement earrings, headbands take accessory center stage and require you to wear little else in the way of jewelry.

This year’s headband styles include delicate and bejeweled, large satin bowed styles, virtual turbans/head wraps and bands with big flowers attached a la Frieda Kahlo.

The tropical, floral number below feels like a great compromise!

Image Consultant, Dana Lynch, shares the hottest spring 2018 accessory trends

Personally I don’t wear headbands, as they tend to slide off. (I must have a big head and definitely have soft, fine hair.) But I love the modern look. For the most up to date, stylish look, wear the band a couple of inches back from your hairline.

Belt bags

Belt bags, (please don’t call them fanny packs,) emerged in 2014 and now they’re working on making a 2018 comeback.

Before you call me crazy, hear me out. I happen to know there are quite a few of you who want to keep your hands free. Am I right? I mean just recently I shared this video on Facebook and got tons of comments from women not wanting to carry traditional handbags.

Instead of stuffing your pockets (or lack thereof,) you now have the belt bag. Now then although traditional styles in utilitarian nylon are trying to come back, I recommend going for a small, flattish shape.

Image Consultant, Dana Lynch, shares the hottest spring 2018 accessory trends

You can carry your keys, phone, lipstick and credit cards (but probably not your sunglasses, lol.) But seriously, belt bags are a great idea.

Last but not least, if you’re dead set against the “fanny pack look,” it’s extra stylish to carry your belt bag over your shoulder. It doesn’t look terribly comfortable to me, but it’s definitely trendy and uber safe!

While these aren’t all of the accessory trends for spring 2018, small sunglasses, long earrings, straw handbags and belt bags will definitely update your look for the season.

Now over to you…what is your favorite spring accessory trend? 




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