Skirts: Long, Short, or Somewhere in Between?

My favorite thing about skirts is that I’m not limited to one heel height. If you know me, are a client or have been reading my e-Style Tip or Blog for very long, you know I’m a real stickler for pant length. If you want your pants to be long enough, you can vary your heel height minimally at best. On the other hand,  a basic skirt can be worn with the highest of heels for an edgy look and with flats for a more casual feel.

While skirt length isn’t nearly as precarious as pant length, exploring  what skirt lengths work best for you can help you look and feel your best at all times.

Tips to help you determine your best skirt lengths:

(Oh, and these tips mostly refer to professional dress, so mini skirts and maxi’s aren’t addressed. )

The most popular skirt lengths right now are from just above the knee to just below the knee. Your best length will depend on your legs, your knees,  and your comfort level.

To find the length you prefer best, start by trying on the skirts you love most. Look at yourself from the side and rear. Take note of where they hit on your leg. Chances are good these are the lengths most flattering to your body.

If you are making a new foray into skirt wearing, take a little shopping trip and try on a variety of lengths. Take note of your favorites.

Not confident of your eye? Have a trusted, stylish friend help you out, or call an image consultant for an objective opinion. (I can guarantee you I’m gentle!)

Petite Pointers:

To look taller and in proportion, you’ve got to show some leg. Even if you don’t want to show your thighs or knees, the bottom of your knee cap is the very longest you’ll ever want to go. If you’ve got thin legs and you’re very petite, you can actually wear your skirts a couple of inches above your knee without giving off the mini-skirt vibe.  For more Petite Pointers…

Tall Gal Tips:

Because you’re tall and don’t have to worry about looking short, you can actually wear your skirts a bit longer. If you’re fashion forward, feel free to experiment with the new midi styles (although I haven’t really seen too many in the stores yet.) Be careful that the hemline isn’t hitting the widest part of your calf.

You may need to let the hem down to knee length on your pencil skirts. Wearing your skirt an inch or so above your knee can often throw your proportions off. For more Tall Gal Tips…

Whether you’re average height, petite or tall, I encourage you to examine your skirt lengths, finding your favorites. You’ll find your skirts more flattering and maybe even more comfortable!

So what are your favorite lengths? If you’re tall, will you try the new midi skirts?



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