Oops, I Made A Mistake

Guilty as charged! For what? Glad you asked! Yep, even though I’m a Denver wardrobe consultant and basically shop for a living, I make shopping blunders. Not to brag, but I do make relatively few purchases that aren’t just right. (I’ll tell you why a little later.) Nevertheless, I make them.

My big mistake happened on my last shopping trip. I bought a pair of pants that were really, really wrong! I finally took some time to shop for myself after I was done with a client the other day. It was nice…I really allowed myself some time to try on clothes and consider what I wanted.

First off, I’m pretty judicious and don’t take very many things into the fitting room, but I allowed myself the luxury of trying on more than usual and took several suggestions from a sales associate. (M,hmm, things I wouldn’t have found otherwise.) I found some great things, including this super cute Kate Spade sundress. It was one of the first things I tried on and loved it. (I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear it!!!)

So what was the offender? What was my mistake? See the animal print pants in the mirror? (Here you can see them better, looking so much better on the model than me.) Big mistake…Big Mistake! At first glance, the cotton/linen fabric was wonderful. Of course, the print was fun as well, and being an inverted triangle, I know printed pants are good to balance my body. BUT, I let those aspects cloud the rest of my perspective. It was getting late, but I was determined to go home with some pants.

But here’s what was wrong with the pants (and my decision.)

  • They’re high waisted! (I’m short waisted!)
  • The pants have a ruffle at the top of the waistband, so unless a top was tucked in, there would be a lot of bulk. (See above.)
  • The silhouette was weird (for me), puffy at the top/narrow at the ankle. Very ‘80’s/’90’s.
  • The color was odd, making it hard to match up–not as neutral as they seem.
  • My biggest problem was really, really wanting a pair of print pants, even though I hadn’t really looked at them closely in the mirror. AND, I didn’t take the time to find a top to go with them while I was at the store AND I couldn’t think of anything I had at home, either.

Of course, not everything you buy will be a winner, and we all change our minds once we get things home from time to time; however, I noticed my BIG MISTAKE and thought it would be a good learning to share for everyone.

Here’s what I learned. 

Follow these tips for fewer returns to the store or clothes hanging in your closet that you don’t wear.

  • SLOW DOWN! Take the time to examine every aspect of the garment. Really look at yourself in the mirror…from all angles.
  • Don’t be so determined to find something that you overlook its negative qualities or you settle. (It’s okay to go home empty handed if you didn’t find anything!)
  • Only buy pants (or a skirt, etc.) if you absolutely know you have something to go with it at home. Otherwise, take the time to find the outfit. Chances are high you never will.
  • Make sure you absolutely love what you buy. In other words, you can’t wait to wear it!!

People always say to me, “You must have tons of clothes.” Actually I don’t because I am so picky about what makes it into my wardrobe. But I adore my wardrobe!

I want you to love your wardrobe as much as I love mine!


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