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Yesterday on, Cynthia Nellis posted an article titled, “Top 5 Things a Grown Woman Should Never Wear.” She lists: overalls, pig tails, knee socks, tie dye, and rabbit fur.

I’ll agree with Cynthia on the overalls. They’re cute on kids, but they just don’t flatter any adult woman’s figure type. Luckily, I can’t say I’ve seen anyone wearing them around town.

Pigtails-They can be okay for working out or perhaps skiing, and the little short ones look kind of cute for a sporty look.

Knee socks-
Showing up as a trend this season, they’re a little different than what you might remember from grade school. The ones I’ve seen are nylon and a touch sheer. Most of them go over the knee a la thigh high boots. It’s a sexy look that’s definitely best reserved for a party. I’m not going to ban them, but I think they might be a little tricky to get just right.

While I don’t wear tie dye, I can’t quite figure out why all of the style experts are against it. Men’s tie dyed  t-shirts on women are pretty unflattering. And it’s a bit too Bohemian when it’s worn head to toe, but last weekend I saw an absolutely gorgeous tie dyed print silk scarf at Nordstrom. Proceed with caution.

Rabbit fur-no, no, no! I believe any animal’s fur is most beautiful on the animal. Who are we to take their little coats?

So you see—I don’t have that many rules. What are your thoughts? Are there any styles you can’t stand seeing on a grown woman?

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