My Style Goals 2018-Your Inspiration

Last week I wrote a post all about how to set your 2018 style goals.

I got to thinking that it wasn’t really fair that I gave y’all a big task and I didn’t even talk about my own goals. So in case you’re looking for a little more inspiration, I thought I’d share. At the moment, I don’t have too many style goals, because I need to save a little room on my list for the rest of my ambitions. (That all might change after I dig into my closet in the next couple of weeks, lol!)

My 2018 Style Goals 

Continue adding color. As vain as it may sound, I like being noticed, and I’ve noted for sure that I get a lot more comments on what I’m wearing if it’s colorful than if it’s a more subdued neutral.

Experiment with interesting color combinations. As I detailed in a recent blog post, bright colors are the big trend for 2018, so I am going to start putting things together differently.

Spend 2 or more hours a month making outfits. I have a whole look book full of outfit charts, but a lot of the pieces got purged! Or I can’t wear the heels anymore (insert crying face emoji!)

Try at least one new to me trend item per season. I find I get the very most compliments and feel great in unique, new trend items. For example, I love this fringed skirt and hope to find items equally fun for 2018! (Plus, as stated above, I want to find fun new ways to wear it too.)

fringed skirt

Buy spring clothes I can wear early in the season. I want some things that look springy, but don’t leave me too cold. For example, I bought this gorgeous linen jacket, last year, but I feel as though I’d be way too chilly wearing it before summer.

Replace and replenish my basics. This one bores me just a bit, but my basics either don’t fit or they are simply worn out. I especially want a great fitting black pencil skirt (ha! if it’s possible to fit my pancake booty) and blazer (not really a suit, more unique but simple nonetheless.) My long sleeve white t’s and summer short sleeved t’s need replacing desperately!

And there you have my 2018 style goals. Like I said, I may add to them after I reorganize my closet later this month, but overall I think this is a good start. I have to admit, sharing my goals has cemented them, and seeing them right here on my blog certainly gives my some accountability.

I hope I’ve inspired you to move forward with your own list. Please feel free to share your goals in the comments. I’d love to know them. Perhaps you’ll inspire me!



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