Mad for Plaid!


Plaid ensemble

Although plaid is a classic pattern, it’s extra stylish this winter season! Whether wearing it for business casual or casual, to look modern and interesting, your outfits featuring plaid require a bit of creativity. Otherwise, unlike your parochial school plaid, there are no rules!

Whether plaid drudges up old memories from your school days or you’re mad for plaid, here are 4 ways to incorporate it into your stylish wardrobe.

4 Ways to Wear Plaid in 2016

  1. Not sure about plaid yet or a lot of print isn’t part of your personal style? Dip your toes into the trend with plaid accessories. Think shoes, scarves (blanket scarves are a great start,) hair accessories, watches, and handbags.
  2. Brighten up an all black outfit with bright, red tartan plaid! Pair this plaid with feminine pieces, or toughen it up with leather. I love the idea of a red, tartan kilt worn with a black, leather motorcycle jacket!
  3. Seek out plaid pieces with an interesting design details to combine with simple, classic mates. To consider: a ruched, wrapped pencil skirt worn with a fitted blazer; a sexy, plaid slip dress popped over a white blouse; or plaid skinny pants or jeans paired with a simple, solid colored sweater.
  4. Sport tailored, modern classic, plaid basics with up-to-date or trendy counterparts. Creative pairing (to buy or shop your closet) include:
  • A simple, camel plaid skirt with a fabulous, caramel leather (or faux leather) jacket.
  • A plaid blazer with skinny jeans and over the knee boots.
  • A plaid sheath dress accessorized with a faux fur scarf, patterned tights and booties.
  • Or mix your plaid with another print. Plaid and stripes were made for each other! (Oh, and I love plaid and animal print! Check this out!)

The holidays/winter and plaid go together like hot chocolate and snowball fights. Follow these tips to be “mad for plaid” and stay warm and cozy all season long!

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