How to Take An Outfit From Drab to Fab!

Have you ever gone shopping and found an item on the rack that you absolutely LOVE, but then you tried it on and it was just so-so?

Today I’m talking about how you can change the look of a clothing item you loved on the rack but just kinda liked on your body…and turn it back into a killer look!

First, why does this happen? Chances are good the garment isn’t perfect for your body type.

Using myself as an example…I’m an inverted triangle body type; my upper body is wider than my lower body. High necks make my body look wider up top.

As I mentioned in the video I shot with Edina Claggette from Beyoutiful Portraits, I mentioned, lower necks, like V-necks and lower scoop necks are most slimming for me.

Normally I wouldn’t even try this style on, but I loved this dress…and I knew it had some redeeming qualities, such as the gorgeous Living Coral color, the center front vertical line, and the dramatic sleeves.

Here’s How I Turned this Outfit from Drab to Fab!

  • I turned the high neck into a V-neck by adding a long pendant necklace that created a deep V in the middle of my body!
  • I tried on at least 10 necklaces trying for the perfect one. It’s so important to buy the complete outfit when you’re shopping, including jewelry! It was important for the center front crochet to show through the necklace, so I ended my search with the circular, druzy crystal.

I didn’t mention it in the video up above, but the fact that the beads and the druzy crystal created a strong color contrast added to the illusion of the v-neckline I wanted to create.

(Side note…you probably won’t have to be so picky about your necklace with every garment, but this one had the special detail I didn’t want the jewelry to compete with.)

When you see the dress on me without the necklace, the difference is more dramatic. Without the necklace, the focal point is lost, and I look much wider.

Also, because I didn’t want to take away from the focal point of the necklace, I kept my earrings, bracelet and ring very simple. (More on how to combine jewelry coming up soon!)

This is just one way you can take something drab that you just kind of like and turn it into a fab outfit that’s better for your body type, especially if you’re an inverted triangle.

Stay tuned for more ways to create a wardrobe you love that fits, flatters and helps you feel confident all day long!

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  1. What a difference the necklace makes, Dana. Thanks for the tip and love the visual effect of your new video blogs!

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