How to Shop Your Closet for Fall 2019, Vogue Style!

How to Shop Your Closet for Fall 2019

If you read my fall trend report, it may seem like I’m encouraging you to go out and shop like mad.

Nope! Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing thrills me more than helping you shop your closet. My top trend picks are just a guide of what you might pick up if you do need a little refresher.

Today’s post is fashion magazine inspired. But wait before you click out of this tab! I saw the ad in Vogue and in a flash saw all kinds of real life “lessons” and ideas you can use to shop your closet.

Here’s how I’ve translated this ad so you can

Shop Your Closet for Fall, Vogue Style!

Shop your closet for fall 2019


1. Long blazers and jackets are back!

This jacket is a colorful, jacquard print. Yours might be lighter weight or floral or even a fun solid color. What it’s not is a long, black suit jacket from the early 2000’s.

Notice the interesting buttons. Changing buttons is a great way to breathe life into a jacket you feel like you’ve had forever.

If you do find a jacket in the back of your closet that looks like this one…fab! You’re ready for step 2. But before head to your closet more shopping, be sure your jacket fits well.

2. Simply add a white blouse and black skirt.

Don’t love skirts? Slim black pants will do beautifully!

Does this outfit feel a little too dressy? No problem, swap the black bottoms for dark skinny jeans!

3. Black tights polish the look without making it look too formal. (Skip this step if you’re wearing pants, lol!)

4. The belt! Okay, can we agree this is a fab belt?? I especially like belts with skirts!

Does your belt need to be as “fancy” as this one? Absolutely not.

What if you don’t wear belts? Skip it…

Although, before you completely dismiss a belt, note that even if you don’t think you can wear belts, when you choose a belt with a beautiful buckle, the look is fantastic with a jacket over it.

We see the buckle and fantastic jacket…no one is looking at your waistline!

5. Black booties-these have a lot of buckles, but they’re pointed toe and the buckles are refined.

Let’s call them tough but lady-like!

Can you wear tall boots instead? Sure, but keep them on the polished but casual side to keep the look modern.

6. Jewelry…You may be thinking, “Wow, big earring, a brooch, decorative buttons, an embellished belt and a bunch of buckles on the boots!”

Yes, it’s a lot. This is what’s called the Maximalism trend. It’s the exact opposite of minimalism, and it’s very stylish right now.

Is your outfit wrong if you don’t choose to be maximal without all of the accessories? Not at all.

 The only word of caution I give is to keep it modern.

And that’s how you shop your closet for fall 2019! Combine a star piece, like the long, printed jacket, with basic tops and bottoms. Have fun and go maximal with your accessories, and you’ve got a whole new look!

What about you? Can you shop your closet to create this “new” outfit? Tell us in the comments below. I’d love to know!

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