How to Pick the Right Shoes

Which shoe?

Have you ever been torn between two shoes, not sure which one is perfect with your outfit? Have you ever wondered what difference a shoe can really make when it comes to what it says about you? (You know…non-verbal communication.)

The other day, my good friend Jen texted me a photo to ask me “which shoe”? She had the dress on (the exact one pictured) and a shoe on each foot. (Her shoes were very similar to these.)

We’ve all done the “flamingo stance” to ask, “which shoe”, right?

She said she was leaning toward the sleeker pump.

I like both shoes with the dress. Neither is wrong.

But I was missing some critical info to actually make the call and advise Jen.

My exact text back to her was “It depends on the mood you’re going for. The pump is sleeker, dressier, polished. The sandal is more casual, maybe a bit more fashion forward. Where are you going? “

Even though either shoe worked, I was leaning toward the sandal. It just felt a little more congruent with the dress style.

BUT…when Jen told me she was going to a farewell party for the CIO of her high tech company, I immediately changed my mind and told her to go with the PUMP (to which I also added the smiley face emoji, lol.)

So why so much emphasis on the perfect shoe? I mean it’s just a shoe, right?

Oh no, my friends!

The message you send out with your clothes can change with just the change of a small detail or a shoe!

 Here’s why the pump, and the rest of her outfit, was the choice:

  • First, it was a party! And I always feel like parties, especially a work party honoring someone, deserve a special, slightly dressier touch.
  • The denim dress is fairly casual, but the sleek pumps elevate the look just a notch. And even though the shoe style is dressier, the suede skews more casual than smooth leather.
  • Next, Jen works in high tech where she’s practically one of the only women in upper management. The guys are all super casual, all the time, but she likes clothes and takes every chance she can to stand out and not get overlooked in the crowd (of men.)
  • And lastly, even though Jen was going to a party, it was a work party, and the closed toe pump says work.
  • She has big goals in the company and no matter what, doesn’t want to be taken anything less than serious! At the same time she didn’t want to be over-dressed or under-dressed.

Now then…do you have to go to this level of analysis every time you get dressed?

Absolutely not!

But when you’re in a situation that’s special, such as an important party like this, an interview, a networking event, or even a date, it can pay big dividends to put a little time and attention into your outfit!

I can’t wait to hear how Jen’s party goes!

If you’d like to reap the benefits of your clothing’s non-verbal communication, but you don’t know where to start or aren’t sure if you’ve got the right clothes and accessories to say what you want to say, let’s talk! Just click here to set up a time to explore with me…at no charge!

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4 comments on “How to Pick the Right Shoes

  1. Jen is lucky to have you as a go-to for these quandaries. This is fabulous info for the rest of us as we try to make these types of decisions.

  2. I agree with Martha. Jan is lucky to have you and so am I, Dana! As one of your clients I always feel that you are there to advise me even when we’re not in the middle of an appointment or a closet audit. Thanks for all your wardrobe wisdom over the years!

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