How Simple Summer Dresses Save Me

I’m pretty sure today is the hottest day of the year so far. Not a complaint by me by any means…I love hot weather! Even so, one of the ways I’ve been keeping cool and comfortable this summer is with simple summer dresses.

I know it’s no secret that dresses are easy, just one piece to put on (plus accessories, of course.) The added bonus is that they also keep you cool.

But what do I mean by “simple”? Simple styles are uncomplicated with few style lines. Especially for me, simple also means that the dress doesn’t bind my waist. And I’ll top off my warm weather, dress requirements by adding I prefer knit fabric (instead of wovens.)

Besides being stretch and comfy, I also like that knits usually aren’t lined. I see plenty of cute woven, cotton dresses out there, but the linings are usually woven synthetic fabric—ick! Not cool, literally!

In the picture I’m wearing my favorite, new, summer dress. (Sorry so dark!)  It has embroidery and beads at the neck and an added border print at the bottom, but the lines are straight, and best of all it doesn’t touch my tummy!

This dress is fairly casual, probably not your standard business casual frock, but it’s perfect for a summer, closet edit. I never know how warm someone’s home will be. (It’s hard to be creative with sweat rolling down my face.) Of course if I need a layer, a jean jacket or lightweight sweater is perfect.

Another dress I love is my surplice bodice brush print dress (below.) Like my blue dress, it’s not lined, but this one is a little dressier, proving that an office worthy clothes don’t have to be uncomfortable and hot. (Confession-it had a cute pink belt…took it off.)

With my fab APW pals

You may have noticed neither of these dresses is completely plain. While I totally believe in the power of the little black dress, little white dress, etc., having some statement dresses in your wardrobe is fun. Of course you can change your shoes, jewelry and sweater/jacket with the more decorative bases. I’ve even worn a fun, grey blazer over the pink/grey dress.

I definitely haven’t abandoned the separates in my wardrobe for all dresses this summer, but they’re perfect for the hottest days. If you aren’t wearing dresses, I highly recommend you explore!

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