Gift Certificates for the Holidays

I’ve been offering holiday gift certificates since the birth of Elements of Image in 2004. Over the years I’ve discovered that I most often sell gift certificates to men for their wives, or sons and daughters (and often dads) wanting to give the gift of style to their mom.

Whether you fall into these categories or are giving the gift to your sister, favorite aunt, or best friend, here are a few a few things to consider so you’ll be able to give the best gift ever!

♥ Does she like shopping but has a hard time deciding how to put things together? Maybe she changes her clothes several times each morning and starts each day with stress.

A closet session is a perfect solution!

♥ Does she edit her closet regularly but hates shopping, so she rarely replenishes the clothing…leading to a lack of variety in her wardrobe?

A shopping trip is your answer

♥ If she is strapped on time, hasn’t edited her closet in years, and hates shopping…the best gift you can give your loved one is one of my style packages which covers her personal style, closet and shopping!

Just call me at 303-868-8925 or e-mail, You can also schedule a time for us to talk here. We’ll discuss your gift recipient’s needs, and I’ll help you decide on the right gift to fit her wishes and your budget.

If you’d like a gift certificate for yourself, send the link to this page to your favorite gift giver or e-mail me to send them a subtle (or not so subtle) hint!





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