A Few of My (Really Old) Favorite Things

I can’t stand the word “timeless.” In my mind, it conjures up the thought of grandma cardigans and overly staid, boring, classic clothes. But really, timeless is just a word, and as I think about it, much of wardrobe is timeless (however, not boring!)

I have had many items in my wardrobe upwards of 7 years! Earlier in the season, as I was swapping out my closets and before I started wearing much of my spring/summer wardrobe—I looked at some of the pieces and thought to myself…

“Wow, these clothes are old!” and

“I’m getting pretty bored with these things!”

But I wasn’t quite ready to ditch the garments just yet. Once I started wearing the clothes, I began to fall in love with them all over again.

So today I thought I’d share some of my favorite clothes with you, why I love them and how I managed to breathe new life into them. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to wear and love some of your “oldies but goodies, too!”

I’ll start by saying; these clothes are still in great shape! Some were very expensive. I’m not telling you this to impress, but to prove the old adage you get what you pay for.

BCBG pants

BCBG pants

Old outfit

I seriously can’t even remember exactly how old these pants are. But I do remember the day I bought them. (I’m kinda weird like that.) I was with my friend Mary. Normally I don’t advise shopping with friends, but this particular time having Mary along to encourage me to spend the money was priceless.

I was totally unsure of these pants at the beginning of the season, not wanting to wear them with the jacket above, which I’m not quite feeling any more, but I loved for a long time. It may go in the “museum.”

Then I discovered this blouse that I bought last fall is fab with them. The pants were and still feel basic yet fashion forward and totally lend themselves to pattern mixing. I’m in love again!

New Outfit

Black Blazer

Black blazers go with everything!

So this jacket wasn’t all that expensive and is starting to show it’s age, 5 years old maybe? Since it’s a 3 season fabric, I wore it a little dressier all winter and was getting a little sick of it.

Then I finally found a grey t-shirt that had been on my shopping list for a few years. All spring I paired the blazer and T with my Paige Jimmy Jimmy Girlfriend jeans, and you could barely get them off of me, lol! (BTW, I don’t button the jacket…not sure why it’s buttoned here.)

Nicole Miller 2 Piece Dress

I covered this outfit extensively when I first got it in 2015. Two years old isn’t old, but  I’m featuring it in this post, because I can’t imagine ever getting rid of it and will be so sad if anything ever happens to it!

A fab 2 piece set

This ruched style isn’t necessarily what you always think of when you think “classic” or “timeless” yet, it has longevity, because it is so unique and versatile.

I remember styling this skirt in black for a client as early as 2012. Another client bought it in 2013 and yet another bought the navy version just last month. Each client wears the skirt completely her own way.

The t-shirt I wore in this post became mis-shaped, so the one you see below is its new stand in, again proving the value of replacing wardrobe basics.

Make it casual!

As I’m writing, my disdain for the word “timeless” is lessening. We all have our own versions of what timeless is, and in my book, these are some of my very favorite wardrobe friends!

Do you have oldies but goodies you love?

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