3 Ways To Make Your Shoes Feel Great All Day

Happy feet always make for a better day! Am I right? I’ve been on a big comfort kick this summer, and this rounds out the series as we talk about comfy shoes.

I know that often times it’s a challenge to find shoes that are comfortable, and that fit your personal style. (Hey, I’m in the club, too!) So here are 3 shoe hacks to help you wear pretty shoes and keep you dancing at the end of the day.

Flatten ‘em!

Flats are one of the hottest shoe styles going as of late. And it goes without saying that flats are more comfortable than heels (to most women.) But wearing flats simply because they’re flat (how’s that for some eloquent speech,) doesn’t guarantee happy feet.

The most comfortable flats have a good degree of support and some cushioning. I hate to say it, but it truly pays to spend a pretty penny on flats, whether it be slip-ons or sandals. You pay a little more in the beginning but a high quality shoe will last years longer than a cheaper, trendy shoe.

Want a trendier look? Another great option on the flat (and comfy) front is fashion sneakers. The selections available are almost mind-boggling. Whether you choose funky designer looks or old school tennis (think Adidas Stan Smith) or running (Nike or New Balance,) shoes, your wardrobe and feet will thank you.

 Pad ‘em!

Have you ever worn insoles? They’re amazing! I’m pretty sure I’ve lost almost all of the padding on the balls of my feet…hello, insoles!

Sometimes all it will take is a small silicone pad to put under the ball of your foot. In other cases, you’ll want a full insole. I’ve heard great things about Super Feet insoles. I’m looking forward to trying them!

I have tried Dr. Scholl’s insoles. (Unfortunately, I don’t really remember which ones I got.) After a lot trimming (they’re pretty wide,) I put them in some high-heeled booties, and they were amazing. I’m able to wear the boots a lot longer than without the insoles, and they keep my feet warmer, too! (I know it’s not quite boot weather, but you know it’s coming.)

Tape ‘em!

Have you heard of this one? Tape your 3rd and 4th toes together (counting from your big toe.) It alleviates stress on the nerve that causes your foot pain when you’re wearing heels. (And that’s all I know about the reason why this works! #stylistnotscientist.) Sure it won’t work with sandals or peep toes, but this tip is a lifesaver is a lifesaver if you’re a true high heel lover!

As a Denver wardrobe and image consultant, I’m on my feet a lot! Choosing supportive flats and sneakers, adding insoles and taping my toes has helped make my feet a lot happier. Sure, I’m usually ready to put my feet up (and enjoy a glass of wine,) at the end of a long day, but using these tricks keeps me from limping through the mall to my car after a day of shopping for clients!

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