3 Things to Stop Doing to Be More Stylish

If your style goal is to be more stylish in 2022, I can almost guarantee you’ll have great results if you stop doing these 3 things. 

I don’t profess to be an omniscient style god(dess) or anything, but the three things below are the biggest reason the big majority of my clients have trouble getting dressed…of course, that’s before we work together 😜!  

  1. Stop buying incomplete outfits. 

I sooo don’t mean to sound like a broken record but…

It’s crucial to only buy complete outfits. 

I know…you’ve probably heard this from me before…so if you have and you’re buying complete outfits, congrats! You can skip to #2. 

If not, read on…

Buy complete outfits! When you’re shopping and you find something you fall in love with, either build a complete outfit around it, or make certain you’ve got something at home that will make a great ensemble.

happy female executive shopping

It’s easy to think “I’ll find something to wear with it later,” but we all  know life gets busy, and it’s easy to put that “loner” piece it in the closet, with tags still attached, and forget about it. When you finally realize you’ve never worn the piece,  it will be, most likely, too late to take it back. Ack!!

Another scenario that can trip you up is when you find a must have item is thinking,  “Surely I can just wear it with a white top/jeans/black pants/etc. ”  

I once bought a pair of robin’s egg blue linen pants for a great price at the Saks 5th Avenue Outlet. I thought they’d be just the thing to wear to Sunday brunch. (What was I thinking?!) 

Long story, short…I only bought the pants (not any accessories or shoes, either) and figured I’d wear them with a white top. but in actuality it made for a boring outfit, 

 And boring doesn’t equal more stylish

Click here for a little outfit inspo! 

     2. Stop buying clothes (and shoes, accessories, etc.) just because they were a bargain.

Buying clothes simply because they’re a bargain can lead to a wardrobe full of incomplete outfits (see #1) or things you kind of like versus really love. 

Ask yourself, “Would I buy this at full price?” If the answer is “no,” put it back on the rack. You’ll thank me!

Granted, you might not be able to afford it at full price (I know I can’t always afford full price…) so the question might be “Would I buy this at full price if I could afford it?” 

If the answer is “yes” go ahead, continue on to make sure you’ve got a complete outfit to go with your find! 

     3. Stop relying on the same old tired jewelry.

You’re most likely picking up on a theme here.

I’m not judging


I don’t think you absolutely have to buy new jewelry to go with every outfit,


if you wear mostly casual clothing and your only jewelry is a dressy matched set you bought to wear for a company holiday party or

if you wear mostly dressy clothing and the only necklace you have is a casual sterling silver pendant on a leather thong…

you’re not doing your wardrobe any favors. (And let’s face it, you weren’t wearing it anyway.)  You want jewelry that actually goes with your clothing, right? 

Not sure what jewelry to buy? Check out my post How to wear jewelry and nail it every time!

So there you have it. If you want to be more stylish in 2022: 

  1. Buy complete outfits (or make sure you’ve got everything you need at home to make an interesting outfit.) 
  2. Only purchase bargains if you truly love a piece enough to pay full price for it. 
  3. Make sure you have the right jewelry for your clothes to create polished, interesting outfits. 

Don’t have time to shop, but want to look polished and professional and feel more confident? Let’s talk. I can help you make 2022 your most stylish year ever! 

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