Work from Home-Pajama Style!

In honor of National Pajama Day (April 16) I have a confession to make. While I get dressed Most days using the elements of design to help me feel better, I don’t get dressed every day. Gasp! (LOL, I know…I’m getting a bit silly these days.)

I do believe changing into real clothes when you work from home, even if they’re casual like these, is best for mental clarity and productivity, but…

SOME DAYS…I wear my p.j.’s. There’s a lot to be said about livin’ la vida jam-jam. For example, today I came downstairs, made coffee and got to work right away…in my pajama pants and fluffy robe.

Disclaimer: I probably don’t need to say this, but I definitely DO NOT recommend p.j.’s if you have Zoom meetings…at least not up top, 😜!

There’s no denying pajamas make us feel great, and since we only wear them around the house, they last a long time. I wore a shortie p.j. set the other day that I’ve had for over 25 years! With all their washings, they are sooo soft and a little faded, but no holes!

In other words, pajamas get a really great cost per wear!

Feeling proud of how long my p.j.’s and other “at home clothes” last, I started jonesing and feeling justified for a new pair. I figured you might feel the same as me so I rounded up some super cute pajamas, robes and accessories to style them with.

Just click each photo to shop…I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Let me know if I can assist you with a purchase. Thanks for your support!

My favorite pair is the Splendid Camo set! Everything I’ve ever had from Splendid has been a favorite: super soft and lasts forever. I just may have them in my shopping cart!

 And like I explained here, light blue is soothing, calming and reassuring!

I mostly wear bright colors for day, but for bedtime and lounging, there’s something very appealing about pink. It just feels so soothing and feminine.

The grey robe below is French terry, my favorite fabric! I could live in it! It’s lightweight, stretchy and not hot. That may go in my cart or at least on my wish list! And I’m really loving the lilac p.j.’s, too!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Now over to you…what’s your Pajama Style?

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5 comments on “Work from Home-Pajama Style!

  1. Love this offering. And now you’ve got me thinking about my own PJs. I have worked at home for two decades and have always got up got ready got dressed even put on a little makeup to go to work every morning. It helps me prepare for the business activities of the day. I’m so glad you are giving me another chance to think about my clothing. I think I’m going to be doing some jammies shopping

    1. Glad you like the jammies! Since you ALWAYS work from home, I might advise you to only give yourself a pajama day on occasion. You’ve built a very successful business with your routine!

  2. My problems are:
    I am short!!!!!!
    I get really cold and even in the summer I want/need very warm jammies, any help on the warm and petite size dilemma?

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