Wine, Velvet and Florals, Oh My!

I had you at wine, didn’t I? In my post on Mauve last week, I had the hardest time limiting myself to talking about just one color. Since I’ve been seeing so many great color combos, such as mauve and wine, and interesting trends this fall, this week, I’m featuring 3 fall 2017 trends!


Yep, I love to drink it and wear it! While wine as a fashion color doesn’t exactly sound new, it actually is. While the hue’s big sister, burgundy, is closer to purple and has been popular a few autumns now, wine is more red. Think of that beautiful, ruby red glass of wine you pour, and you’ve got it!

So sure, you can wear wine with cream and black, but you can also graduate color class by wearing it with pink, forest green, or even red for a monochromatic look. And speaking of monochromatic, check out this photo for how to pull off wearing all one color. The key is to vary your textures within the shade for the very most interest.

Wine coat and satin top and fall floral dresses


Speaking of textures…one of the biggest trends (hot off the runway, no less) is velvet! Typically velvet is thought of as a holiday fabric, but it’s in the stores right now, so feel free to start wearing it and getting a great cost per wear from your clothes.

Velvet can be a little bulky, and it also reflects light. Listen to this personal stylist and wear it is on your body part you’re most confident about.

Love your booty and legs? Opt for a velvet skirt or velveteen jeans. Prefer to highlight your upper body? I am all about a luxurious, wine colored, velvet blazer.

If you aren’t ready to commit to velvet clothing, try velvet booties or a velvet handbag.

velvet fall 2017

Rayon and silk velvets give the most luxe hand and sheen!

Fall Florals

Floral prints are often thought of in spring/summer. Not so this year! This fall season is all about dark, fall florals! Fall florals are romantic and moody and are typically grounded on a black or navy background. Pair the lush blooms with other dark tones, such as a black top with black background fall floral.

What I like about this print is how easily it transitions to early spring. Simply choose one of the lighter colors to pull out as a top or accessory. You’ll feel lighter but not like you’re trying to push the envelope on spring too early. (I’m a spring summer gal, so I’m working on it already, lol.)

Pair the fall floral skirt with black for fall/pink for early spring

Chances are good you may have some of these trends already in your closet, so now is the perfect time shop your closet. Just be sure your trend pieces are up to date. Then combine them in a new way and you’re on point for the fall 2017 season!

Not sure if you have any gems in your closet? Contact me today! We’ll talk to see what’s going on with your wardrobe and what it would take to get you feeling stylish and fabulous every day. And of course, this initial call is always free.





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