Who Will Show Up to Your Next Meeting?

Who will show up to your next meeting? Of course, you will, but will you be there as the best version of yourself? There’s no question that your inner self will be on her best game. But what about your outer self or your visual image?

Do your clothing, hair and make-up reflect who you really are? When your inner self and your outer image don’t match, there’s a real disconnect. You may confuse your audience, and even though everything seems to be going fine, chances are extremely good that you’re simply not being as effective as absolutely possible. Your full potential isn’t being met.

consultantWhat if your job could become easier if your image were helping you communicate? I’m certainly not implying you should use your clothes and image to try to impress; however, when you match up how you look on the outside with who your are on the inside, you become more confident, credible, authoritative, and effective. And these are just a few of the non-verbal messages your image can send out. Your image can truly be your “silent PR manager.”

Ask yourself the following questions to decide whether it’s time for an update:

  • Does your clothing match your personality? Even in the most conservative professions, it’s possible to inject some personality into your look!
  • Are your clothes a match for your profession and work environment? Do you lean more to the side of “casual” or “business” when the dress code is business casual?
  • When was the last time you updated your look? I’m not suggesting you rush out to buy all the latest trends, but have you injected a few stylish touches recently? Are you wearing modern classics? Is your wardrobe, hair and make-up current? When they’re not, people subconsciously assume your skills are also out of date.
  • Does your clothing fit you well? Sure, we all fluctuate in weight a bit, but when your clothing is way too tight or way too baggy, it’s not only distracting to you but also to others.

Without a doubt, we’re all busy! Your wardrobe and image may feel like the last thing you have time for. As an image consultant and personal stylist based in Denver, I help my clients take the stress out of getting dressed! Together, we discover your personal style. Then I’ll help you figure out what’s working and what’s not working in your closet, and I’ll help you find the clothes that will help you match up exactly who you are on the inside with how you look on the outside!

You’ll love how you look and feel in your wardrobe that shows the world just how fabulous you are.

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