When Should I Shop?

Anyone who has lived in Colorado for very long knows that the weather changes nearly every day in March. As optimistic as we want to be, we also know that it will likely snow at least a few more times—in between our 60 degree days. All of these changes make it very difficult to plan our spring wardrobes and to know exactly when to shop for spring.

As a wardrobe consultant and personal stylist, I work with professional women who need both professional clothing and business casual clothing. For both of these categories, I highly recommend shopping early in the spring season, March though April.

You’ll notice that many of this season’s trends seem to be casual or business casual. If you have a business casual dress code at your office, now is the time to find some great upgrades to your wardrobe.

Business professional updates require a little more creativity and caution this season. Update with color, dresses and accessories. In the market for a new spring suit? I encourage you to get it now. As early as it is in the spring season, I’m noticing the great suits are flying out the doors. Once they’re gone and we get closer to summer, the fashion industry thinks we all take off for the Hamptons and all we’re left to choose from is play clothes, making it very difficult to build a professional wardrobe when we’re actually in the season.

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