What’s in Your Handbag?

According to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, there are 8 handbag styles we should be coveting for spring 2017. I find this to be a huge relief, as I had read, (I think in the same magazine somewhere,) that our only handbag choices would be miniscule cross body bags or huge suitcase sized totes.

Not that I suggest you follow trends blindly, but it is nice to know that if you’re looking to invest in a new handbag this season, there are quite a few choices. You might as well choose a stylish, yet classic bag. Be sure to read here and here to consider what kinds of handbags you like best.

8 Handbag Styles for Spring 2017 


The cross-body bag can range in size from quite small to almost medium sized with a very long strap, that’s worn across the body. It’s versatile, easily transitioning from day to night. It’s a fantastic option if you don’t have much to carry and don’t want to your bag to get in in your way…perfect for travel!


Saddlebags are kind of a throwback from the ‘70’s; however, there are a lot of updated versions and sizes. Essentially the bag is a half moon shape and has contrasting stitching. Traditionally, saddlebags are fairly casual, but there are a few refined models in the stores as well.

On a side note, my first handbag I carried daily (in the 7th grade) was a tooled saddlebag. Ooh, thought I was so cool! LOL!!


This is a pretty wide category. (Yay, choices!) This bag has top handles instead of a strap. Most often it has both! I like these bags, because my purse always seems to end up in the crook of my arm as I’m out pre-shopping for clients…doesn’t get in my way or give me a neck ache!

Red Hot Handbags


While Bazaar has taken to calling this “the case,” truly this bag is what’s called a minaudière. It’s a small, hard framed evening bag. They’re often whimsical. If you can find an affordable one, these are kind of fun, and I always think it’s a good idea to have at least one tiny bag you can take out at night without feeling like you’re schlepping around the kitchen sink.


I’m showing an envelope clutch; however, the term really applies to any bag with a flap over the top that fastens on the side of the bag. These have been missing from the marketplace for quite a few years, and I for one, am very excited they’re back. Since I hate zippered bags, and top snap bags don’t like to stay shut, this is my absolute favorite closure for a handbag!

THE DAY BAG (bonus points for gold hardware!)

Another style that’s virtually been non-existent for the past several, the day bag is simply a medium sized handbag… big enough for all your daytime essentials.


I’m also really excited for this handbag and am hoping to be able to find one without the designer price tag within the next couple of years. Frame bags have an internal metal frame and have metal latch closures at the top. Very retro! My mom carried these when I was a really little girl. (Nope, my dad didn’t let her keep any of her cool clothes/accessories. I remember the battles, lol!)


Monstrous totes that seemed as though they would be quite at home at the airport were shown on the runways for spring of 2017. While it’s nice to have a weekend bag for short getaways, a more modest sized tote bag seems more practical for the every day commute.

So as you can see, there are thousands of new bags on the market for spring. Whether you like small bags, big bags or something in between, there’s really something for everyone. I highly recommend a handbag-shopping trip if you need to update your bag(s)!

As I mentioned, I’m quite excited for a couple of the newer styles, as I’m in the market for a new, smaller (than a tote) handbag this season. Stay tuned on how to decide what color bag will be your best bet!


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