What to Wear When You Work from Home

When you work from home, it can be easy to want to work in pj’s all day…so comfy, but really how professional can you feel in your jammies?? Here are some ideas of what to wear when you work from home (like I do when I’m not with clients) so you’ll feel your best. 

Even if your office is just down the hall from your bedroom, you probably have different needs for different days. Here are ideas of what to wear for 2 different “office” days. 

What to Wear When You Work from Home

All By Myself (You know that song, right?)

Most days when I don’t have clients, I don’t see a soul! But at the same time, I want to have some semblance of being dressed for work. Enter, athleisure! Full transparency here, (and I’m sure you’ve wondered what an image consultant wears at home,) I’ve only recently bought into the whole athletic leggings when I’m not working out! But it feels really modern, and who can deny it’s comfy!!

So here are my thoughts on how to wear athleisure. I think it’s important to wear street wear mixed with athletic gear when you work from home (and when you go out for that matter!) 

What to Wear When You Work From Home

I started my outfit with the leggings from Athleta, which I DO NOT wear for working out, ever.  Then I added the ruched, long sleeve t-shirt, also from Athleta, but who wears long sleeves for working out?  And the third layering piece is an aubergine, cashmere cardigan. 

Adding street wear to athletic clothes puts the polish in the look. Should you have to go out to the grocery store (which I do later, ugh) no one will wonder if you just got done working out.

Lastly, I don’t always do my hair, but I usually put on make up and some simple, go-to pieces of jewelry. 

What to Wear When You Work From Home

Video Meetings/coffee 

Several of my work-from-home friends have video calls on a pretty regular basis. On these days, it’s a good idea to look a little more professional from the waist up (cuz that’s all anyone pretty much sees, right?)

I don’t know that you need to go full on traditional blazer, but something a little more tailored. (Depending on your company or if you’re presenting, a blazer might not be a totally bad idea.) And higher color contrast between your top and sweater or jacket is best. As you can see from what I’m wearing today, the low contrast doesn’t give much definition on the screen. 

Then to finish your look, add more pant-like leggings or jeans. Another confession…I usually have my slippers on no matter what I’m wearing at home since we have a strict no-shoes policy on our new carpet. (The gray sneakers are my at home work out shoes…never wear them outside.) And as I’m reading what I’m tying, I realize I could probably use a pair of cute little flats or moccasins to feel a bit more polished.

Tall boots or booties would make a great addition to this comfy outfit, especially if you have a coffee meeting later in the day. And as I always recommend, really think about who you’re meeting with. If it’s someone you’ve just met networking, maybe you want to swap out the sweater for a jacket and the sneaks for shoes.

Here are a couple of take-aways on what to wear when you work from home to feel polished and professional: 

  • Athleisure leggings are okay. Just mix them with non-work out tops. 
  • Consider doing your make-up just like you’re going to the office, especially if you have video meetings.
  • Wear medium to strong color contrasting, tailored layers on top for video meeting days and coffee dates.  

As I said, I’m new to the whole athleisure trend! What do you wear to feel polished when you work from home? 

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