What to Wear When You Work from Home

With the uncertainty and stress we all have around the COVID-19 pandemic, I know you may have more on your mind than fashion or “what to wear.” Please know I am just as concerned as everyone; however, I hope that even for a few moments I can distract you from all that’s around you and hope you find this blog a pleasant and welcome distraction. 

After working with professional women  and their wardrobes for over 15 years, I also know that what you wear can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Since most of us are working at home right now, I thought I’d update this post. If you’ve never worked from home, it can be hard to know what to wear, so you’re ready to work.

When you work from home, it can be easy to want to work in pj’s all day…so comfy, but really how professional can you feel in your jammies?? If you do feel just fine and productive in your pajamas, there is certainly no judgement coming from me.

Studies show we’re typically more productive when we’re dressed a-n-d…you just may have client calls and Zoom calls, and jammies just won’t work for those! So, just what can you wear when you work from home…want to be comfy…and have Zoom meetings all day long? 

Here are some ideas of what to wear when you work from home and have video and Zoom calls… so you’ll feel and look your best. 

Don’t have video meetings, but still want to be productive? Check out this post for how to dress for work when you’ll be all by yourself all day.  

What to Wear When You Work from Home

Video Meetings/coffee 

Several of my work-from-home friends have video calls on a pretty regular basis. And since I originally wrote this post, I’ve been having a lot more Zoom calls.

On these days, it’s a good idea to look a little more professional from the waist up (cuz that’s all anyone pretty much sees, right?) Layering your top with a cardigan or jacket will always add some polish and authority to your look. 

I don’t know that you need to go full on traditional blazer, but try for something a little more on the tailored side (like a button down.) And I’m a big fan of a cozy cardigan…I’m not very productive or attentive if I’m cold! 

Depending on your company or if you’re presenting, a blazer isn’t a totally bad idea. And higher color contrast between your top and sweater or jacket is best. As you can see from what I’m wearing in this photo the low contrast doesn’t give much definition on the screen. 

Of course, wearing some simple pieces of jewelry will always add polish to your look! Also, I definitely recommend wearing make-up just like when you’re going into your office…but consider adding a bit more lip and cheek color for added definition on the video screen! 

I’ve gotten off of a couple of Zoom calls absolutely horrified how washed out I looked when I sat looking at myself on the screen! I also like color instead of dark tops…dark colors just don’t show up and who knows…maybe seeing you in a brighter color will just make someone’s day! 

Be sure to click through on the photo, and you’ll see all the pieces and a few more outfit ideas…and should you need a little retail therapy, you can shop from the page. (And at absolutely no cost to you, I’ll earn a little commission.)

Home office outfit

Then to finish your look, add more pant-like leggings or jeans. Paige jeans are my favorite…watch for a post on jeans for spring coming soon!

Psst…the Rails plaid shirts I’m showing are sooo cozy! I love mine! They have plenty of drape, are super soft and for plaid shirts, these seem almost feminine! 

Confession…I usually have my slippers on no matter what I’m wearing at home since we have a strict no-shoes policy on our new carpet.  (And my feet are always freezing!)

A pair of cute little flats or moccasins are definitely more polished!

Here are a couple of take-aways on what to wear when you work from home on video call days:

  • Layer up top with a tailored top and cardigan or jacket. Saturated colors and strong contrasts look great!
  • Do your make-up just like you’re going to the office. Consider adding a bit more lip and cheek color to keep from looking washed out. 
  • Jeans on the bottom will be structured enough to make you feel serious about working and more professional on your calls. 

What will you wear to feel polished when you work from home? 

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