What to Wear on a Snowy, Spring Day

You’re familiar with this scenario. The weather forecast calls for 65º and sunny. Your new spring outfit complete with accessories is steamed and ready to go for tomorrow. Then you wake up to cloudy skies and SNOW!

Panic attack! What are you going to wear?

Never underestimate the power of mid-weight basics in neutral colors. Also consider a few garments such as jackets or sweaters in mid-weight to slightly warmer fabrics in bright colors. It’s a great way to keep your sunny, spring outlook without freezing.

Yes, this situation is fresh in my mind, because it’s exactly what happened last week.

Since I wasn’t able my new spring dress, I was ready to go with my black Kenneth Cole, poly/rayon blend pencil skirt, my Adea micro-fiber tank, topped off with my Azalea pink cotton twill blazer. Bare legs certainly weren’t going to work, so I opted for black patterned tights. The pattern felt so much lighter in mood than opaques. Ever optimistic I first grabbed my black slingbacks, but realizing the ground was pretty mucky, I opted for high black boots. (They’re way more comfortable anyway!)

The variations on this snowy, spring day uniform are endless.

Of course pants can replace the skirt any time. If a micro-fiber shell leaves you a little cold, swap it for a blouse, a cashmere shell, or even a long sleeved sweater. (Rayon blends are super comfy.) Your bright third layer might be a 3 season wool jacket or a cotton/cashmere blend cardigan.

Mixing mid-weight, neutral staples with bright pieces gives you the feeling you’re still dressing for spring now matter what mother nature has in store! I’d love to hear about your adaptations of this formula. Would you wear a bright colored jacket or cardigan in the office on a snow day?

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