Weekend Layering

As a wardrobe and image consultant, I specialize in professional dress, but I almost always work with my clients on their casual wardrobes once we’ve gotten their work clothes in order. Here’s a trend I’ve been seeing  a lot in the magazines lately—shirt dresses worn open over a top and pants all topped by a cute casual jacket. I love the idea of this casual shirt dress; it can be worn so many ways:

-Duster style as mentioned above.
-Belted and buttoned over a camisole and leggings with or without a jacket.
-As a tunic over jeans or cropped pants or
-Simply as a cute spring dress with sandals.

I’d love to hear what you think of this trend. How would you wear this shirt dress? (Please post comments below, thanks!)

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5 comments on “Weekend Layering

  1. Recently online I saw a pic of a wide belt over a boyfriend jacket. I tried it and loved it. The boyfriend jacket always left me feeling like it needed something else. I think the belt was the answer!

  2. That is a great tip! Anything to stretch that winter wardrobe is a good idea. I like that you can shop your own closet and create new stylish outfits. A budget friendly way of making it through the season. Thanks Dana!

  3. Ah, so I ended up buying a really cute Vince, short, black linen shirt dress at Saks the other day. (It was on the sale rack!) I’m looking forward to wearing it with a heavy, saddle brown belt and my brown gladiator sandals. I’ll most likely wear it as a duster of a white tank and white cropped jeans, too. When is the weather going to warm up ?

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