Warm up in Trench Coats

There’s an odd phenomenon that happens in Colorado. When the weather is really cold, we wear our fabulous winter coats religiously. Then when the temperatures rise even just a bit, (and I’ve seen this happen at 32°F,) we shed our coats and freeze. It’s crazy, right?

Every spring, the fashion magazines tout trench coats as a strong trend for the season. But for whatever reason, I don’t see many women in Colorado wearing trench coats or any other type of coat for spring. I propose we take a stand and start wearing spring coats!

Here are a few tips on what to look for and how to wear spring trench coats:

  • First, if you like classic khaki/beige trench coats, please know that all neutrals are not created equally. In other words, there are many shades of beige. Some are warm and some are cool. Take your time to find a shade that works with your skin tone.
  • If you’re truly dedicated to a trench coat, or if you travel a lot, consider investing in a classic trench with a removable lining. It will keep you warm even when it’s quite cold. As it gets warmer, you can take the lining out, and viola, you’ve got a spring coat. (This coat will prove an excellent cost per wear!)
  • Most trench coats are double breasted. Double breasted coats are great if you have a slim, narrow torso, as they add width and balance your figure. If you have broad shoulders or a large bustline, look for a single breasted coat or a double breasted coat with narrowly spaced buttons.
  • Don’t like khaki? Choose your favorite color. Bright colored trenches are a perfect antidote to overcast days! Red is a perennial favorite.  Another option is prints. I absolutely love my python print trench coat!
  • If you’re a coat lover and have the basics, consider a satin trench. One of my favorite coats ever was a short length, white satin trench. A client owns a sapphire blue, satin trench that is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! Last year, I found a beige, satin trench with a portrait collar, so not a true “trench coat,” but I love it! The wonderful thing about satin is that it’s not only waterproof, but it’s chic for both daytime and evening.
  • Lastly, most coats come with a belt that can be buckled; however knotting the belt is Trés chic!

Now that you’ve got these “trench tips” keeping warm on chilly spring days should be a breeze! Now tell me, will you wear your coats with me? Do you like trench coats? If not, what is your favorite spring coat style?

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One comment on “Warm up in Trench Coats

  1. Dana,

    Great tips for all who will be shopping for spring coats. And I agree, it is a must. Why freeze your fanny when there are so many great jackets out there? I love this time of season because we can layer and the top layer being a chic jacket is the icing on the cake!



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