Wardrobe Basics

I was recently asked the question, “If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have ten pieces of clothing and three accessories, what would they be?” Wow, what a loaded question! The fact of the matter is, I don’t really have a pat answer of must haves. Everyone’s needs and tastes are completely unique. It’s truly impossible to suggest the same 10 items for all women.

But wanting to be helpful, I’ve given some thought to my friend’s question and have come up with some ideas of garments in general that could be useful. However, if one were really stuck on a deserted tropical island, I’d suggest a swimsuit and a cover-up. I’d then suggest using any additional garments to make S.O.S flags!

Remember, these are merely suggestions. Feel free to adapt to your likes and needs.

Little Black Dress: It doesn’t really have to be black. It could be any dark neutral color that looks good one you. The important thing is choosing a relatively dressy fabric in a simple style that can be changed easily with layers and accessories.

Swimsuit: Really. Even if you don’t swim much, you never know when you’ll need one. A Jacuzzi is a requisite for any hotel I stay at. Plus, you never know when you’ll be whisked off to a tropical island!

Black suit: Again, it doesn’t have to be black. Any dark neutral color, such as navy, charcoal, or brown would be suitable. Even if you’re not involved in the business arena, a suit is appropriate for a huge variety of occasions, from a funeral to a dressy dinner to a fun, funky look with a t-shirt. For the most versatility, try to find a skirt and pants that match the jacket. Feel free to dismiss the previous advice if you strictly wear pants. I know a lot of women who have freed themselves of skirts. If you have occasion to wear suits a lot, I’d suggest a suit in a lighter color like khaki or beige for warm weather.

Flattering jeans: Other than the swimsuit, we’ve got a real theme going on! If you’ve got a casual lifestyle, you may only need casual jeans, like Levi’s. If you want the most versatility, go for a dressy pair of jeans to wear with heels, more casual jeans to wear with flats, and super comfy weekend jeans that can take a lot of wear and tear.

Silver or gold hoop earrings: I’m a big fan hoops! (I’m actually a big fan of diamond studs too, but I don’t foresee those in my jewelry box any time soon!) The nice thing about a medium sized hoop is that they work for both long and short hair. They give short haired heads some volume and interest. They’re big enough to be seen if you’ve got long or thick hair. Another thing I like about hoops is that they are a nice blend of dressy and casual. Lastly, they are a simple compliment to a statement necklace, keeping you from being to matchy-matchy all of the time.

Check for more wardrobe essentials next time.

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