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I just received my April issue of Vogue. Typically, I love Vogue, and as an image consultant, I was excited to tear into it. The top teaser on the cover reads Perfect Fit-DRESSING FOR EVERY SHAPE FROM SIZE 0-16. I have to admit, I was sorely disappointed to find their 5 figure types:

  1. Tall
  2. Pregnant
  3. Thin
  4. Curvy
  5. Short

Tall is not a body type! Of course, very tall women can have some challenges, especially finding pants that are long enough and things that are long enough in the torso and sleeves. The article is disappointing in that they simply profiled a tall woman who spoke of the benefits of being tall, not the challenges.

Pregnant is not a body type! Pregnant is pregnant-as in having a baby! Of course there are challenges, but they’re not permenant. The best highlight of the profile is that the model has learned to show off her baby bump and celebrate her temporary figure and baby. She also mentioned that she’s learned to appreciate her pre-baby body more and will wear more fitted clothing when she gets her waist back.

Thin is not a body type! Models are Tall and Thin-what most women work for their entire lives. The article hints that the woman featured may think she’s too thin. If you’ve got a very thin body with very few curves, the best advice is to avoid clothing that is super tight. Unfortunately, the article again is giving no real practical advice.

Curvy is a body type! As I mentioned in last week’s post, “curvy” is another way of saying hour glass or very full bosom and hips with a very small waist. This featured vintage clothier has learned to dress her body, and mentions that if something is “too tight across the bust or hips, I’ll buy the next size up and have it tailored.” This is wonderful advice, and I couldn’t agree more!

Short is not a body type! Of course, being petite is a reality, but a petite woman can have a curvy figure, an inverted triangle figure, a triangular figure, a too thin figure or one that simply lacks any curves. Again, the woman featured doesn’t offer up any advice. She has truly made a bit of a caricature of herself by mostly wearing flats and wearing short shorts with a blazer and oxford style or Converse high top shoes.

Last week, I gave many tips for the curvy woman. In future posts, I’ll give ideas for real figure types as well as the challenges listed above. Stay tuned.

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2 comments on “Vogue figure types

  1. Being 6′ tall I agree with your comment that “tall” is not a body type but disagree that models are tall. I think the average model height is 5’9″ & those 3 inches make a huge difference. Most models can wear clothes off the rack where I & many of my tall friends of similar stature have to shop in specialty stores. Anything with a waist is too short in the torso for me by about 2-3 inches so I look like I’m wearing an empire waist! My inseam is in proportion with my body with a 35 1/2 inseam. My arms aren’t particularly long but any clothes with long sleeves off the rack are usually a bit short depending on the style & manufacturer/designer. Of course models are experts at showing off the clothes & work with a stylist who can work their magic to make the clothes appear to fit a taller model before they are photographed or walk down the runway.

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