Trend Alert! How to Wear Spring’s Stripes

inverted triangles and trianglesAs I mentioned in my last e-Style Tip, the three topics you voted on and most want to learn about are trends and how to wear them; how to wear accessories; and dressing for your body type. If you don’t receive the e-Style Tip, where I often share a lot more then what you see here, sign up over there→.

Since I’m a personal stylist, what I’m most excited about is that I can combine these topics in posts. And today’s post is all about how to wear stripes for your body type.

As a Denver wardrobe consultant, dressing for your body type is one of the big things I help my private clients with, so get the very most out of this post and really be able to put it to use, I highly suggest learning more about the basics of dressing for your body type here.

One of spring 2017’s best trends is stripes, from shirting stripes to “seaside stripes” to bold ones! Although many women think, “oh, I can’t wear stripes,” it’s simply not the truth. It’s all a matter of the kind of stripe you wear and where it hits your body.

And to add my 2 cents here, I am loving the trend! So often stripes are kind of tomboyish, but it appears there is something for everyone this season, no matter what your personal style.

Here’s how any body can wear stripes:


Wear stripes on your upper body, either wide vertical stripes or horizontal ones. When you’re emphasizing your torso this much, feel free to steer away from your usual dark bottoms. Instead match the background of your top, i.e. wide black and white stripe top, white bottoms.

Inverted Triangle

Your best bet is to go bold on your bottom half. You’ll find tons of options this spring. Awning striped pants are fantastic on you! When you go super bold on the bottom, many more styles of tops than normal become an option for you, especially if you also choose a dark color.

Head over here to find out how to dress your oval (apple), rectangle, or hourglass figure.

With all the bad press out there that stripes get and your mother’s voice in your head telling you, “Oh honey, you can’t wear stripes,” it can be a little scary to plunge into the trend. I encourage you to check out the variety of stripes that will be in stores soon or to try those striped pieces that have been hanging in your closet for a while. Follow these tips and I think you’ll find you just may love stripes!

Are you shuddering at the thought of trying on new things in the fitting rooms? If so, contact me, or schedule a phone call (so much easier,) and we can talk about how I can help make the process quick and completely painless!

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