Travel Wardrobe-a reality?

I am a big believer in the Cluster concept that I wrote about in a past post, and I use it a lot with my clothing. The thing is that I have a few clusters along with stand alone outfits and various pieces that mix and match but aren’t really part of a cluster. Okay, so it sounds like I have a huge wardrobe, but I don’t have nearly as many clothes as I used to have before I started my business and was trained by a woman who lives and dies by clusters.

To get to my point…My husband and I are going to Europe for three weeks in May. Of course, I’m already thinking of the clothes I’ll take. But I’m a little nervous. We’ve decided we’re going to pack all of our clothes FOR THREE WEEKS in the largest carry on bags that the airlines allow. We’ve been told that it’s easier for trains, too.

I’m sure I can come up with scads of outfits, but will I be able to find things that don’t have to be dry cleaned? I don’t know why, but the majority of my clothes go to the dry cleaners. Most of the time I even take things that don’t absolutely have to be dry cleaned. They last longer, don’t fade, and I don’t have to worry about ironing.

Also, I’m thinking about creating a cluster with black and white as my neutral colors. I know the black will be easy, but what about spots on the white? (I guess I’m a little messy.) I may need to rethink the color scheme.

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