Too Low!

Yesterday morning I was having coffee with a good friend/business colleague. I was wearing my  new scoop neck, animal print top, (see picture.) It’s not necessarily low cut, but it’s not terribly modest, either. At one point, I was writing something down and leaning over the table a bit. I just happened to glance at my friend and noticed her eyes looking down, which promptly made me look at my top. Yep, I could see right down into it. Now I know my friend, a female, wasn’t trying to look down my shirt, but the truth is that skin and cleavage are simply distracting. Once I noticed, we had a chuckle over it, but be assured I sat up straight the rest of the day, and I won’t wear the top for business again.

The moral of the story? When you’re in the fitting room, pay attention to:
-the way your tops and blouses move with you
-how low they’re cut
-and how they fit, not just how cute they are.

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4 comments on “Too Low!

  1. Dana, you’re such a hussy! Just kidding, of course you’re always smartly dressed.

    This is a good reminder that what we see in the mirror isn’t necessarily what our colleagues see. There have been times when I should have had a “spotter” check out my outfit from a variety of positions.

    1. That’s a great point, Tracy. I also mention in my chapter in Image Power that it’s important to try clothes on in the stores, so that you can see what they look like in the back in the 3 way mirror. Luckily I have a mirror on the back of my bathroom door that adjusts and acts like 3 way in conjunction with the big bathroom mirror. Actually, the light is a lot better than in the stores!

  2. Aha! Even as a pro, I’m always learning new things about my wardrobe. What I’ve learned about this top is that it’s just too long in the torso. I have long legs and a short torso, so the top isn’t really all that low cut–it just needs to be shortened at the shoulder seam and it will be just right.

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