Think you can’t afford designer clothing?

I was shopping with a client the other day at Saks. I have to say, this isn’t the best time for shopping either for winter clothes or spring clothes. However, my client was in true need of some winter clothing.

The fall clothes have either been shipped out or the selections are really spotty. And the spring collections haven’t been fully shipped. Truly, it’s a pretty dire scene at most of the stores, but Saks had a pretty large selection of sale items left. I actually think they may have had things shipped in from their larger stores.

While I was pre-shopping, my trusted salesperson, Joanie, mentioned, “We have some things on sale.” (She works in the Chanel department, where they have the best dressing rooms.) At first I didn’t see it, but then she led me to a back corner where there were several racks of deeply discounted DESIGNER CLOTHES. I’m talking Max Mara, Escada, Armani, Akris Punto, and more.

My client found among many other great sale items, an Akris Punto jacket that was originally $1000, marked down to $397.

While it’s a gamble, sometimes it can pay off to wait until the very end of the season to find some steals. If you don’t think you can afford designer clothing or even to step foot into stores like Saks or Neiman’s, think again.

While $400 is nothing to sneeze at, the designer quality you’re getting is far superior to what you’d find at Anne Taylor or Macy’s where a typical regular priced jacket $228. In addition to getting a piece that you won’t see all over town, cost per wearing goes down, since you’ll be able to wear it much longer.

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