These boots are made for walkin’

boots 2016Now that the fall winds are blowing, and the days are much shorter, it’s time to trade in our open toe shoes for fabulous, fall boots! Here are the best styles of the season to update your boot wardrobe.

Boots are too casual for traditional, formal skirt suits, but they work perfectly under a pantsuit (if they’re dressy enough.) And they’re perfect for most business casual looks, and fabulous for casual after hours wear.

Booties (a.k.a. ankle boots)

Booties are nothing new but continue to trend stronger than ever. Looking for something new to add to your collection? Try a burgundy suede pair with tassel trim! Also new are large or multiple of buckles, studs, embroidery and prints. Whether low, kitten or high heeled, booties can be worn with everything from slacks to jeans to dresses and skirts! And they’re especially fabulous for gals who have a hard time getting boots to fit their calves.

Chelsea Boots

While technically an ankle boot, Chelsea, or Beatle boots have a very, low heel with an oft- pointed toe and can have a retro, ‘60’s feel. This style works best with skinny pants and short skirts.

Knee boots

The classic knee or “tall boots” are certainly not going anywhere. For the most modern look, seek ones that hit very close to the knee! Finding the height will be easy for petite women, but others must inspect boot height carefully. Knee boots are an ever-sophisticated option. Waterproof knee boots will never leave you cold.

Midi-boots (Sock boots)

There’s a new boot in town! It’s not the mid-calf boot you may be thinking of…these are a few inches shorter then a traditional mid-calf boots. They’re perfect if you love cropped pants and don’t want as much skin showing as you’d have with a bootie.

Over the knee boots

The best of OTK boots hit just a couple of inches above your knees versus wandering into thigh high territory, especially for business casual!! They’re easiest to wear with leggings and jeans for off hours. And while there are no hard and fast rules about skirt length, this boot looks best for day with a shorter skirt that allows a little skin to peek out. For a sexy, boho vibe, wear them with a flowy maxi dress with a thigh high slit…(not for any business, please.)

Have you taken inventory and made your shopping list? If you answered “yes,” be sure to hurry and shop for your favorite styles soon! Many wonderful boot styles, in sumptuous fabrics and colors await you!

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