The Power of Basics

I can’t say enough about the power and ease of basics. Basics are the pieces in your wardrobe that are simple and provide a canvas for the more exciting, detailed, or decorated pieces. I’ll share a personal story to illustrate. The other day I was pre pre-shopping and made a little purchase for myself, the sweater to the right.

I couldn’t wait to wear my new sweater the next day, but I was in a bit of a hurry when I was dressing. So, I looked for some basics to pair it with. I ended up with a black pencil skirt and a black, lace trimmed camisole, both quite basic. Even though the cardigan has the drawstring, it’s still pretty basic. I added some color with one of Rhoda Design’s purple, semi-precious stone necklaces to give me a little umph! To finish the outfit, I wore hammered silver hoops, black tights and black slingbacks. Because I hadn’t originally intended to wear the sweater with a skirt I was especially excited about it.

Since I’m all about cost per wear, and I’d only worn the sweater for a few hours the day before, I wore it again the next day. (Of course I wasn’t going to see the same people.) It was easy; I had the formula down. This time I paired my cardigan with black pants, a plain black camisole, and the purple necklace. To change the look a bit, I slipped on my animal print sling backs. Next time, I might switch out the necklace for the coral, cotton scarf I bought in Paris. Or perhaps, I will change from the black base to a white cami and white jeans. I’m certain there are countless options in my closet. If you want to get in and out of your closet with ease, choose basics!

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