The Biggest Fashion Trend for 2018

Pantone recently announced its color palette for spring of 2018 (very exciting…to me, anyway) and the fashion world is touting BRIGHT COLORS as the biggest trend for the year. I gotta admit…I like my summer wardrobe so much better than my winter wardrobe. The reason? Spring/summer colors are so much brighter and feel happier than fall/winters dark subdued shades.

So why can’t we wear brights in the winter? I can’t think of any reason whatsoever! And I’m planning on experimenting a bit with the brights in my closet. Maybe, just maybe I won’t even pair them with neutrals.

Today, I plan to keep things a little short and sweet but hopefully I’ll be able to give you a little inspiration. Perhaps as you’re doing your holiday shopping you’ll even pick up a little something bright for yourself.

Here are some pieces I own and a few thoughts I’m having on how I’ll wear them.

Okay, starting small…Of course, red is fun! Somehow I mostly think of it for Christmas. (This was actually New Year’s Eve, and my husband will agree we probably had a little too much fun in Old Town Arvada. Thank you, Lyft!)

My first thought is to pair this sweater with a pair of aubergine (eggplant) trousers. It’s not crazy bright, but a little unexpected and it won’t read as “holiday.” I’m also going to try this red sweater with a wine colored skirt and tights. The color combo is a big trend and will be a big step out of the box for me.

Here is another example of clothes I’ve had for ages! The color doesn’t show extremely accurately and you can’t see the texture of the fabric, but I assure you it’s a favorite. But…for as basic of a shape as it is, I’ve only really ever worn it with black and a printed blouse I found. I’m ready to bring on the bright!! Checking out the other solid brights in my closet, I’m considering the avocado green sweater I’m wearing below. It didn’t get a lot of wear last year, but it seems the time has come!

avocado sweater


teal sweater

Last but not least is this bright, teal blue sweater. Last year I wore it with black leggings or charcoal grey pants. That’s feeling a bit meh, for 2018! I’m not sure what I’ll pair it with, but sweaters like this are easy to find during the holiday season. This one is from Banana Republic…found while I was shopping for a client. It was a steal!!

How do you feel about brights? Will you be trying out 2018’s biggest trend of the year?






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