The 5 Best Boots for Fall 2017

Boots and booties have been the “it” shoe for fall many years running, so you probably have your basics in place. Instead of simply updating, adding, or replacing your same basics, this year’s boot styles allow for ultimate newness in your fall wardrobe.

The thing I’m loving the most about this fall’s boot trend is the availability at all price points! Often times, when a trend is newer, you’ll only find it at very high prices. But this year, you can find any of the styles I’m showing from very low pricing to over $1000 (um, pretty high in my book!)

Today I’m highlighting booties, a.k.a. ankle boots (although some come well above the ankle.) Stay tuned for my next post about trends for knee-high and higher boots.

Here are The 5 Best Boots for Fall 2017

Sock boots: If you have ever felt like wearing boots adds too much bulk to your slimmest body part, i.e. your ankles, check out sock boots. They’re just what they sound like part boot, part socks. They’re super slim over your ankles, reaching about 5 inches above your ankle bone. Very flattering!

This hybrid of socks and boots first slid into style last year, but I mostly found them at designer price points. This year they’re everywhere!

I’ll admit…these are different. (I love them!) Your eye may need a while to get used to them. And although you may find a few pairs of somewhat casual sock boots, I see them as an inherently dressy look. Luckily you should be able to find them in kitten heels along with high heels.

Hint: sock boots are best with skirts and dresses or cropped pants. Why would you want to cover up such loveliness?

White boots: Yep, white boots…in the winter! I know it might seem counter intuitive to wear stark white during cold months, but white boots are one of the hottest things going! (Ok, there are a few off white boots, but I say why not jump in all the way.)

Although designers have produced  white boots in all lengths, white ankle boots (booties) seem the most wearable (ahem, the least ’70’s “go-go” boot.) That said, white faux fur and Sorel-styles are quite chic for après-ski, too.

Wondering just how to wear white at your feet?

I love the idea of book ending, where you have white (or at least light) at opposite ends of your body. For example, white boots are fabulous for light blondes.

Try out a monochromatic white outfit with white jeans and a fun white sweater!

If you’re feeling as though these ideas might be a bit limiting, look to white boots with black inserts and add them to your black and white work outfits…although this probably isn’t the best idea for a presentation day. You don’t want anyone’s eyes stuck on your feet while you’re orating brilliance!

White Chelsea Boots!

Wine/Burgundy/Oxblood: Not necessarily trendy per se, but these reddish, purple color boots are far more plentiful than I can ever remember. Simply adding this quite neutral shade into your boot wardrobe is a great way to dip your toes (pun intended, lol) into the world of stylish footwear.

If you’re sick, sick, sick of black boots all the time, switch things up with red wine boots. The color is inherently fall-like and adds richness to almost any fall-hued outfit. Feel free to experiment! It’s pretty hard to go wrong with this color.

Fancy fabrics: Here’s a way you can get creative with textures without adding any bulk to your body. Of course they provide great juxtaposition with jeans, but these beauties are also great options for more formal affairs. Finally, an alternative to the bare patent sandal/pump for holiday parties!

Here are a few ideas how to wear these non-leather boots:

  • Brocade: Brocade booties would look fantastic with cropped, flared velvet pants for your office party! Whether you go totally retro with a matching velvet jacket or not, keep your outfit somewhat plain and let the brocade be the star! If that feels a little trendy, try your brocade boots with your classic pencil skirt.
  • Satin: Although it seems kind of a shame to cover up your sock booties, I’m feeling like it would probably be okay to wear satin booties peeking out of a wide leg pant. If you’re totally ready to shine, pair them with a bright blouse and cropped jeans.
  • Velvet: For the most modern look, steer clear of wearing velvet clothing with velvet boots. Instead, mix up your materials. Why not wear a solid velvet boot with a short wool skirt and a ruffly, silky, white blouse?

Patent leather: Although patent leather shoes have been stylish for quite a few years now, this year the shiny leather is really coming into it’s own, especially when it comes to boots.

I cannot live without my black AGL, patent leather, Chelsea boots!! I honestly don’t know what I’ll do when they die. Most-comfortable-boots-ever!

Enough about me…you’ll mostly find patent boots in black, but other colors, like white and bright shades, are offered too. For practicality’s sake, black really is your best bet. Be sure the patent boots are comfy in the store…patent leather just doesn’t stretch as much as kid or suede.

For a year the fashion magazines/sites are saying hasn’t brought much newness, I truly disagree! Currently my bootie wish list includes kitten heel, sock boots and white boots.

What boots are on your list?




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