Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas + Formulas

Thanksgiving! Do you know what you’re wearing for your turkey (or tofurky) eating fest? No? 

No worries… I gotcha covered with 3 Thanksgiving outfit ideas. (Well actually there are 6, but you’ll see.) No matter where you’re eating this year, you’ll know what to wear.

Even if you just want to be super chill and don’t really want to wear an “outfit.”

You can definitely click through and buy the clothes, but I’m also hoping these ideas get your outfit creating juices flowing, so you can shop your own closet.

To make this easier for ya, there’s an outfit formula for each idea. Find the pieces in your closet and voila, you’re set for the holiday. 

Oh, and the best part of all of this besides the pie is that you can totally wear these outfits for just about anything that comes up for the rest of the holiday season.

Poof! You’re done…no more thinking! No more stress getting dressed. 

To shop the items, simply click on each item underneath the big pic and it takes you right to the site to purchase. You can also visit my storefront to see these and a bunch of my other recs. I may make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you. 

Thanksgiving Outfit Idea #1

This is the one I promised…for staying at home, super casual, almost like jammies, but not. 

Thanksgiving Outfit Formula #1: Elevated sweats + elevated matching hoodie + earrings/cute hair tie/headband + lug sole booties or cool sneaks

Thanksgiving Outfit Idea #2

Going to a big family gathering where you don’t have to do all the cooking but get to do all the eating, so you still want a stretchy waistband? Here it is! 

Thanksgiving Outfit Formula #2: Trendy elastic waist pants + Sweater + Chunky shoes + simple jewelry

Thanksgiving Outfit Idea #3

Yep, this is the dressy one! Maybe you’re just not up for cooking and instead you’re letting a restaurant do all the heavy lifting. Or perhaps going to your new significant other’s family blowout and you wanna impress a bit? Or hey… you’re just excited to dress up a little since you’ve been working from home forever. 

Thanksgiving Outfit Formula #3: Sweater dress + knee high boots** + statement making accessories

**So seriously, knee high means all the way to the bottom of your knee. (You can even do over the knee boots if you want.) Tall boots = no need for tights. If you want some tummy control, I like these. 

I’m cooking and like to look cute, so I’m planning on Thanksgiving Outfit Idea #2 but will probably wear a t-shirt for cooking and change tops for eating.

Which Thanksgiving outfit idea will work best for your plans this year? Tell me in the comments below.

And if none of these outfits match your personal style or fit your needs, head over to see Instant Style, and I’ll hook you up!

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