Super Bowl Party Bound? What to wear

Go Broncos! If you know me at all, you probably know I’m a fair weather football fan (of all spectator sports, actually.) I am clearly in the minority here in Denver. Even though, and it’s embarrassing to admit, I don’t 100% understand the rules of football, I’m excited about the Super Bowl, and am kinda hoping for a Super Bowl Party invite.

And that leads me to wondering what I’d wear for that party. If you want to root on the Orange and Blue, a.k.a. the Denver Broncos, on February 7 in fashion, but aren’t quite sure you want to wear (or invest in) a team jersey, sweatshirt, t-shirt, etc., here are a few ideas of what to wear for the big game.

Tweak the Colors

Perhaps Broncos Orange isn’t your best color (it’s tough for a lot of women) and Broncos Navy bores you a tad, why not tweak those colors a bit. Try a tangerine cardigan over a teal tank top or long sleeved layering t with jeans and booties. Just be sure stick with dark teal…you don’t want to veer into Miami Dolphins territory. For another variation on the orange/navy color scheme, think peach and light blue.

To purchase, e-mail Cari Harris,

To purchase, e-mail Cari Harris,

Polish your Game Day Image

If you’re on “team dressy” or are simply craving a more polished game day image. An orange Ponte knit dress accessorized with navy or royal blue, (the team color, circa the Orange Crush era.) A navy blazer over an orange print blouse would be perfect for a party worthy ensemble. Cobalt or royal pants with a white blouse or sweater and orange accessories is yet another idea. Truly your options are wide open.

DIY your Jersey 

Last but not least, I’ll share a copycat DIY idea. There’s the cutest girl who works at my local King Soopers who I think has done it up right! She started with a navy Broncos jersey, which she probably got in a children’s size, as she’s pretty small and it fits great. I’m not exactly sure how she did it, but she created bell sleeves (this is your sewing DIY project.) And lastly, she bedazzled the contrasting orange neckline. Definitely not my style, but I give her huge style points…it’s adorable!

There are 3 Broncos style ideas to get you started. I’d love to hear about your other Bronco fan ensembles! Please, comment here or click the social media icon below and share away.


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