Summer Wedding Dressing

It’s just around the corner…wedding season! If you’ve recently received a wedding invitation and don’t have a thing to wear, here are a few pointers for choosing a special dress.

The locale and time of day usually indicate the formality of dress. A morning or early afternoon wedding dictate slightly more casual attire. A tea length dress that makes you think “garden party” would be a great choice. Look to florals, pastels, mid-toned hues and brights. Stay away from black (more on this later,) and deep jewel tones.

Seek out more sophisticated styles and colors for late afternoon, evening, and very formal affairs.

Not sure what color is best for you? You’ll always look fantastic in your eye color. Brown and hazel eyed women typically look fabulous in violet tones. Of course your hair and skin coloring will also determine your best shades. You’ll usually notice immediately when you try a dress on whether or not the color flatters you.

Etiquette states it is inappropriate to wear white to a wedding; it’s reserved for the bride. Also, it’s best not wear black, as it is sometimes offensive to the bride or groom. Black is a dark color meant for funerals and business occasions.

Have fun finding a festive dress to wear to a summer wedding. If it’s an early season wedding, you can enjoy finding an excuse to dress up a few more times in the summer. If you’re like me and have a late summer wedding to attend, go ahead and cheat a little by wearing the dress a few times in advance.

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