Summer Shoe Updates

You’ll notice I didn’t say “summer sandals.” Of course, sandals are a go to in hot weather, but SNEAKERS (which I used to call tennis shoes, not sure when I changed my verbiage,) are having a huge moment!

(Feel free to scroll down to the pics if you’re ready to take the plunge.)

In fact, other than for formal work situations, we’re seeing sneakers with almost any outfit. Check out how cute the sneakers are with this super casual dress.

And there’s no denying how comfortable and supportive sneakers, a.k.a. tennis shoes are!

Today I’ve scoured my internet resources and found y’all a couple of my favorite brands. First, is Aquatalia. You may know Aquatalia for their waterproof boots (which lots of my clients own and love,) but they’ve expanded into all kinds of shoes, sandals and now sneakers. Without a doubt you can expect the same quality in all of their shoes!

And they’re waaaay on sale! The prices are amazing.

Knowing not everyone is into the sneaker trend, I’ve included some great espadrille sandals. Over the years, I’ve had lots of espadrilles and know they’re super comfortable.

All of my picks for you will work with shorts, jeans, and casual skirts. If you’re loving the sneaker trend going on right now, try pairing any of the sneaks below with a dressier skirt or dress!

Psst…I just noticed that the Shayna is mostly sold out. Not espadrilles, but I’m also obssesed with the Emory.

Just click each item photo to shop. Scroll across to see all items in the collage. I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Let me know if I can assist you with a purchase. Thanks for your support! You can see all of my top pics on my storefront. 

Next up…Treetorn! Do you remember playing tennis in Treetorn back in the day? (Eek, dating myself!) I actually noticed the company was established in 1891, but I didn’t have them then, LOL!

Treetorn has really upped their game, too. There’s the classic, but I’ve added in a style with a bit of a bigger sole, along with a “running shoe” which I don’t remember.

I’ve had a pair of the Nylite Plus style for a few years now…I love them! I have a very low volume foot and the style fits me perfectly. (Most sneakers swallow my feet up…too much room from top to bottom.) That said, they have a number of styles, so I’m sure there’s a fit for everyone.

My final rave on these sneaks is that the insides are terry cloth…so soft! If you’re someone who usually likes a sock I can tell you, you don’t need to wear socks with these–I never do.

Over to you…will you wear sneakers both casually and dressy? Which of today’s picks are your favorites?

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3 comments on “Summer Shoe Updates

  1. Hi Dana, Paul Greene has some amazing sneakers this season. A little pricey but the comfy PG fit! Have a great rest of the summer.

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