Summer Neutrals, How to Wear Them

Perhaps you’ve been reading my blog posts and e-Style Tips lately about this spring’s trend of bright colors, and you’ve thinking “that is not for me.” You want to be stylish, but you simply don’t want your clothes to scream “look at me!”  Well, you’re in luck.  Summer neutrals such as white, ivory, beige, light gray, mocha, and khaki are just as “in” as the brights you’ve been reading about.

While bright colors can be over powering and garish, neutrals stand the chance of being a little boring.

Here’s how to wear neutral colors for a sophisticated, interesting image.

  1. Texture. Especially if you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit, varying the texture will keep it interesting. Think of an off white, Chanel-ish boucle jacket with off white (ivory) gabardine slacks and a silk jacquard blouse for an office worthy look. Look to trims, embroidery, open weaves, eyelet and more to have fun with your neutral spring/summer wardrobe.
  2. Details. Detailed styles are also more interesting than simple styles. For example, a dove gray ruched top will be more flattering and out of the ordinary than a plain, gray t-shirt or shell.
  3. Edgy accessories. If updating your neutral clothes is all you’re after, then edgy accessories are the way to go. Think straw fedoras and canvas espadrilles. Lightweight knit scarves and woven leather pumps will update your look, too.
  4. Keep it smooth. Contrary to popular belief, “smooth” is a texture. Wearing monochromatic (all one color) or low contrast outfits with all smooth textures creates the ultimate, elegant image.   Simply vary your smooth textures.  Think satin, silk crepe de chine, and suede/nubuck.

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