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I’m always astounded how quickly time flies between my spring and fall trend reports, but here we are again! As with the last few seasons, we’re continuing to see many classic garments. However, this fall designers have gotten extra creative with colors, textures and best of all, the way they’ve combined classics with trendier pieces.

Since I specialize in professional dress, I always hesitate to use the word “trend.” Adopting trends doesn’t necessarily deem you trendy. Rather, think of it as new ways of updating your look to keep things fresh! The following is just a sampling of what awaits you in the stores. 


Purple-from amethyst to deep plum. Red-mostly a tomato red, great for blondes and brunettes with warm coloring. More colors include russet, (brown with a tinge of red,) burnt orange and of course, black.


From heavy lace garments to lace trims. If a lace blouse seems like too much for you, consider wearing it under a jacket or sweater with only the collar and cuffs peeking out.


Although all widths of belts remain popular, the newest widths are approximately 2 inches and very skinny. Look for studded belts, ala Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, to freshen up any outfit.


Bell shaped skirts are the new silhouette. Pencil skirts are stronger than ever. We’re seeing the pencil with a higher waist a longer lengths for added variety this season.

Bow Blouses

If you like bows, this is your season! This year’s bows are quite dramatic. Again, to cut the sweetness, wear this blouse with menswear styled pants or pair it with an angular styled jacket.


Go ahead and get creative. Short sleeved and ¾ length sleeved jackets layer beautifully with contrasting turtlenecks, blouses and elbow length leather gloves! Feminine dresses with belted long length cardigans are a great way to transition from summer to fall. If you’re always cold, try a blouse under a sweater with a jacket over it.


Dresses are stronger than ever. We’re finally seeing a wide variety ofdresses for daytime, something for everyone. The classic sheath is everywhere. Sleeveless, it’s perfect underneath jackets and sweaters, but don’t forget you can also pop a white blouse or thin sweater underneath for a unique, albeit professional look.

Animal prints

Animal prints have been coming in and out of fashion for so many years that they’ve truly become classics. Exquisitely designed animal prints have lost they’re “grrr” factor. Still, exercise cautious with your choices. Accessories, such as shoes, belts, and bags, are always safe. Vintage, fake fur coats are always a stand-out, and a subtle, animal print, pencil skirt looks new this year.

Statement necklaces

For years chunky jewelry has been outdated, now it’s back with a vengeance! Small, delicate necklaces don’t do you any favors in business anyway. Look for jewelry that is bold enough to be eye catching, yet not distracting-a fine balance!Tights: Tights are what make skirts and dresses wearable during the colder months. (Some may argue with me that they’re not comfortable. Tights are tough; try tugging on them to get them in the right spot!) Subtle patterns and subdued colors are appropriate for most business settings. Consider a charcoal gray pencil skirt with eggplant tights and shoes. For weekends and formal events, try bold prints, laces and colors for your legwear.

Although you don’t want to appear too trendy, unless of course it’s appropriate for your field, keeping up to date sends out non-verbal messages that you’re up on current business practices, that you’re open to new ideas, you’re in the know, and that you’re a quick learner.I hope this post provides you with some inspiration to update and forge ahead this fall! Please feel free to contact me with any question or if you’d like some help with your fall wardrobe. I can be reached at

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