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A topic that has come up a lot lately with clients and friends is clothing maintenance. The very best piece of advice I can give is that your clothes don’t need to be dry cleaned nearly as often as you think. Too frequent dry cleaning will destroy your clothes, not to mention the expense and hassle of the dry cleaner.

The very best tool for maintaining your clothing is a Jiffy Steamer. Certainly blouses may need to be cleaned after each wearing, but business slacks, skirts, and jackets do not. After wearing these items, check them for spots, and then hang them to air outside of your closet overnight. When you’re ready to wear the items, a light steaming is all you’ll need to make them look fresh and straight from the cleaners.

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In addition to saving your clothes, the Jiffy Steamer saves you time and stress. I’ve had my steamer for several years, and I can truly say that if I threw my iron away, it wouldn’t be missed. In the past, when I needed to iron before work in the morning, it caused me major stress. With the steamer, I don’t give it a second thought.

The Jiffy Steamer heats up in a minute or two, and a garment can be steamed in as little as 30 seconds. I recommend the J-2000 for home use. Jiffy Steamer is the brand you see major retailers using. The steamers are sturdy, reliable, and they pump out some serious steam.

If you travel a lot, the ESTEAM is the way to go. My husband convinced me to buy a less expensive travel steamer for Europe a couple of years ago. It worked maybe once or twice.  I once again learned the old adage, ‘You get what you pay for!’

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