Spring Accessories for Professional Dress

Accessories are often the cornerstones of a professional look. Leave them off, and you risk looking like you forgot them. Wear the right accessories, and you send out the non-verbal message that you take care of all of the details. And of course, when well accessorized,  your outfit leaps into a whole other realm of fabulousness. And that leaves you to feel confident and turn your attention to the job at hand.

Another big point I’d like to make is that most of us can’t afford (or even want) an entire new wardrobe every single season. Accessories are often just the small update your outfit needs to create a brand new, modern look.

Here are just a few of the many jewelry, handbags, scarves and belts trends in demand for spring 2016, along with my advice on the most office appropriate ways to wear them.

Pop art earring

While huge earrings are back in style, they’re a bit too distracting for a professional look. Luckily other graphic earrings, such as bold, Bakelite-style, lacquered hoops are perfectly office appropriate.

Graphic hoops

I don’t suggest wearing huge, overpowering earrings, but you can sport hoops with a single bead, double loops or a small, simple knot in the middle for added interest.


Before you choke on the memory of the ‘90’s look, think metal. (And yes, that was a pun!) My favorite chokers are the ones that look like a thin bracelet with the opening in the front. (Yay, no need to clasp it when you’re trying to get out the door fast.) An added bonus of chokers is they fit perfectly in the neckline of a collared blouse!

spring 2016 accessories

“Fancy” hoops, chokers, saddle bags, belted jacket

Raw stone pendants

I love adding just a touch of nature into my professional outfits. The key to keeping the trend work savvy is to look for stones set in silver or gold hanging from chains versus a more casual looking leather thong.


Think modern and beautiful. You don’t want default to the 16” strand of pearls you wore in your best friend’s wedding 20 years ago. Instead, be creative with this basic.

Saddle Bags

The saddlebag is a very popular silhouette this season. Typically this style bag is made of “raw” leather, which is a bit casual for business professional; however, it could provide an interesting juxtaposition to a smart, business casual look.

Top handled bags

Even better for business is the top handled bag. They’re tailored like your clothing and perfect for the woman who dislikes carrying a bag on her shoulder or crook of her arm. I like the idea of carrying handbags like clutches when you’ve got another tote/brief case to carry. (Unfortunately, I usually forget!)


Belts have made a huge showing over the past few years. Especially popular this season is belting a jacket with a slim, leather band. If you have a small waist, it’s the perfect way to give a blazer a fresh, new look. Tying instead of buckling a belt is another popular option this season.

Skinny scarves

These skinny slivers of fabric are perfect if get hot wearing scarves. If you do get hot, I recommend pairing the trend with a simple necklace, so you’ll still be accessorized if you take the scarf off. Learn more about the comeback and how to wear these scarves here.

I encourage you to invest in yourself and your accessory wardrobe this spring. Properly accessorizing not only changes the look of your clothing, but it elevates your style and credibility all with minimal effort.

What are your favorite accessory trends? I’d love to know! Feel free to either share on social media or comment below.

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