If you have never been to SOL Lingerie in Cherry Creek North, you must go for a bra fitting. They are truly experts!

I had bought lingerie there in the past, a pretty nightie and my wedding panties. And I had heard they were great for bra fittings, but I had no idea how many bras they have. Thousands! You see them when you head into the fitting room area completely off of the sales floor. There are hang bars with bras practically floor to ceiling that go on for miles.
I worked with Lara, and here are a few things I learned.

-You get 85% of your support from the band, so the proper band size is crucial.

-Your bra will actually be more comfortable when it fits a little tighter. It prevents the bra from riding up in the back, which creates discomfort.

-When you buy the bra, you should fasten it on the loosest hook. As it stretches, as all bras will, you can tighten it and still have a proper fit.

-For the longest life, wash your bra every time you wear it. It’s easiest to have 7 on hand, one for each day of the week, so you’re not spending your life at the sink.

-When your bra straps feel like they’re falling off, it’s usually because the band doesn’t fit. It’s riding up in the back and making the straps loose.

-Don’t tighten the straps when this happens. It destroys the integrity of the fit and support. (Run, don’t walk, to SOL.)

-There are different bra styles for different garments:

T-Shirt bras with completely smooth cups are ideal for close fitting knits; however, they don’t always allow for the best support.

A lacy seamed bra will give you the best support. Fine quality lace lies smooth and gets smoother with each washing. Most of SOL’s lacy seamed bras are smooth enough to wear under most knits.

SOL carries a bra called the Chantelle Fete, which gives amazing support to larger busted women. It creates kind of a “pointy’ breast silhouette, which seems a little strange at first, but it makes your rib cage and waist appear absolutely tiny!This is also a wonderful bra for blouses. It lines you up perfectly with the darts.

If you’ve always thought a bra, is a bra, is a bra, SOL will change your mind. A bra in the right size that’s right for your body type, can make you look 10 years younger, not to mention thinner! (I am all about that. Bring on the chocolate!) By the way, SOL didn’t pay me to write any of this. I was that impressed.

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  1. Dana, I am indeed challenged on anumber of fronts (pun intended) and BRA CHALLENGED is it. I will go to SOL next week and tell them you sent me. God bless you – I read your enewsletter the minute it hits my box!

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