Singing the praises of the surplice top

I just recently purchased my first surplice blouse with a draped front. While the style has been popular for a couple of years, I don’t know what took me so long to get one. I love it!

Surplice basics


Surplice tops of all types are quite flattering to many women, but I’m specifically referring to ones that have a little fullness at the bottom in the front, like the ones pictured. (I own the one above in off-white.)

I’ve had clients buy these a several times and am absolutely convinced they’re great for almost all body types.

My first client who bought one has a very large bustline and a little bit of a tummy. It’s absolutely perfect for her. Typically, I wouldn’t advise flowing style for someone with a large bust, but these tops defy the rule and are super flattering!

My next client who bought one has a very small bustline and flat stomach. Again, I would have thought the top would hide her midriff too much…nope, very attractive!

I won’t go on to profile every single client who has one of these blouses, but suffice to say…they’re great on full busts, small busts and they hide a tummy like nobody’s business! Quite honestly, most of the photos I’ve found are o.k., but truly these blouses are much, much more flattering in real life.

Why else do I like them? Most blouses in this style have the little bit of gathering (banded) in the front, but they have a shirt tail in the back that’s a little trendy left out. For a more traditional look, they tuck in quite easily, rendering them extra versatile.

If you’re interested in exploring this fab style, be aware of the following.

Look for a draped surplice blouse without breast pockets. Said pockets don’t seem to flatter a small or large bust and compete with the beautiful lines of the blouse.

You may need a camisole underneath depending upon the fit. Some styles have a hook and eye closure in the front, and the beauty I found actually has a built in “camisole” but if your blouse has neither, a cami will save you a lot of money on fashion tape!

Pay attention to how much fabric is draping on your tummy. Yes, you want plenty of ease; however, you don’t want an excess of material sitting on your tum-tum.


Draped Surplice styles 2

Draped Surplice styles 2 by danalynch featuring a long sleeve blouse

One last big reason I love this blouse is that there isn’t much that it won’t go with. Here are just a few styling ideas:

  •  Worn untucked with slim pants.
  • Worn tucked in with a knit A-line skirt for a bit of a retro flair or with a pencil skirt for a classic look.
  • Worn (untucked) with slim pants and a coordinating jacket for an updated, business casual look. This look could also be great for evening!

I’ve already worn my blouse the latter way, but I’m most excited to wear my off- white, draped, surplice blouse juxtaposed with rolled up camouflage pants, jeans, and even shorts!

If you’re bored with the basic blouses in your wardrobe, I highly recommend you check out the draped, surplice blouse. Be sure to follow my tips and styling ideas, and you’ll have a new favorite very soon!

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