Simply Summer Business Casual

While sometimes we think business casual is especially hard in the summer, it doesn’t have to be. The other day, I was meeting a client for lunch. It was a warm sunny day, and I wanted to be cool, comfortable, and stylish, professional without looking too dressed up. I chose a white 3Dots t-shirt and a tan, pencil skirt. Alone this would have been a pretty bland outfit, so I added a heavy, chain necklace, gold hoops and my gold watch. Then I slipped on my brown high heeled “gladiator” sandals. Ah, and because you can never tell what the weather is going to do, I grabbed my Beth Bowley, lightweight, brown cardigan.

Here’s why this outfit works—
First, the colors are neutral and the shapes are basic, so they’re super easy to combine. Secondly, instead of choosing any old white t-shirt, I picked one in a high quality. While you might not always want to sink a lot of money into your everyday summer tops, a few nice quality t-shirts in your wardrobe lend themselves to a business casual look. They also wash better and last longer.

Next, the weight of the skirt is a little heavier than your typical cotton skirt. And it is lined, so I can wear it both casually and dressy. Third, a lightweight cardigan is a great replacement for a jacket in a business casual setting.

Lastly, putting some thought into your accessories can be what takes your simple, casual outfit into the realm of a polished, business casual outfit.

Photo: Nordstrom

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